Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Five Newbies to Look Out For

After last night’s basic training special, we have a new wave of competitors moving onto The Challenge. Some of them look really tough while others have already begun the party. A few competitors left an especially strong impression, and these competitors are the ones who are likely to do well in the competition. Here is my list of the five new competitors who left the best impression.

5. Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran

Already being targeted by the Brits, Turbo was silent but intimidating. Camping out in the Namibian desert is probably a luxury for this Turkish Survivor, and he seems built for competition. He boasts that he strong, fast, and ready to compete. Clearly he’s doing something right if he already has half the cast shook.

4. Dee Nguyen

Coming into the Basic Training special, Dee wasn’t really on my radar. After the special, I see this competition means a lot to her. She’s someone who is resilient, motivated, and excited to compete. Perhaps she isn’t the strongest physically, but I’m hoping we see a crafty and intelligent player in her.

3. Mattie Lynn BreauxComing from a show named “Party Down South,” I didn’t assume Mattie came onto MTV for a competition. Based on the preview special, I’m thinking I was wrong. Mattie seems built to compete and she definitely has size in her favor. She’s taller than most girls and doesn’t seem intimated by the other girls. Plus, it seems her ability to lug a keg around will benefit her in the game. This image is etched into my mind:

2. Ashley Cain

Prior to this season, I knew Ashley was in good shape and had an athletic background. After seeing him, I see him as a bigger threat. His body is massive and appears to be 99% muscle. I’d be afraid to see him in a physical competition, but there is one concern surrounding this guy: he said he’s been kicked off every show he’s been on.

1. Natalie “Ninja” Duran

How is this even fair? This girl was pulled from American Ninja Warrior, a show built around competition and physical accomplishments. Plus, she has a degree in neuroscience. There’s really nothing holding her back this season, but she might benefit from biting her tongue every now and then. If I knew someone with her strength was in the house, I’d want her out ASAP.


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