Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds Trailer Breakdown Part 2

War of the Worlds will debut in under two weeks! if you’re getting excited for this season, MTV finally released the full trailer.

Here are the screenshots from the second trailer. A lot of the footage found in this trailer was present in the first trailer. I’m not going to post duplicate images, so please check my first post for more screenshots.

Remember, this actual footage of the show. If you’re clever enough you’ll be able to deduce a few spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Remember those trucks with people swinging from vines? Here’s Ninja competing.

TJ and crew on ATVs.America’s best: Cara Maria, Wes, and Bananas.

Screaming Ashley CainA sprint begins from a challenge: Ashley C, Paulie, Stephen, Kyle, Zach, Theo

Here come the alumni: Ashley, Amanda, Wes, Leroy, Hunter, Paulie (lurking in back), Da’Vonne, Kam, Bananas, Nany, Jenna, Kyle, Zach.Did somebody order meatballs?Scene from a challenge.A competition: Dee, Wes, Zahida, ZachA somber shot of ZachCTJumping into the oceanBananasA toast, no Bananas involved.Ninja hugging Turbo. He’s not having it.Cara MariaBananas

Theo pole dancing as the Nolan twins watch.CTA competitor dragged through the desert.Josh talking about how crazy everyone else is.A challenge where competitors pivot on a surface.

Ashley Cain, screaming again.

Silhouettes in a Hall Brawl-type elimination

Wes & Dee, blindfolded as they cross a beam

Production taming Ashley CainKam slidingRIPDa’Vonne in a challengeKam getting turntMattie in beast mode

Kyle ringing a bell

Mind blown: Paulie & Cara MariaThe guys in the mud Challenge. Shot of females competing in the first post.

Onlookers: Bananas and Kyle

Another challenge

Westo Bear: “You’re playing my game.”

Hunter and ChaseA jumper. Shadows preventing me from getting a good look at the face.Kam fighting girls in mud.A challenge.NinjaKyle jumpingBananas cheeringKyle and Ninja huggingBearZach & ZahidaHunter & ChaseAshley CainHunterChallenge time! Morgan, Da’Vonne, Ninja, Ashley C, Bananas, Bear, PaulieThe tire challengeA race beginsCTTJ Lavin: Captain of Challenge AirwaysDa’Vonne, you’re in for a bumpy rideChallenge Airways has lost a competitorTJ sounds the hornWhy is Kyle always the one pictured in challenges?

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