Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 2

Wow! A challenge and an elimination in one episode. This must be a record!!

1. Army Games

TJ has puns this season! The challenges has the name “Arms-a-geddon Tired” and it’s a tug-of-war. Based on the veterans’ orders in the Impending Dune challenge, they get to pick a partner. This challenge gives pairs five minutes to get as much rope length as possible. After five minutes, TJ will drive his monster truck over a series of cars, securing the rope’s position. The team who accumulates the most rope length wins. It seems like people aren’t using strategy to pick their opponent. Paulie, who could pick anyone, chooses Kyle. Meanwhile, Bananas competes against Wes. This is not a bad move. Bananas & Morgan, Cara Maria & Theo, and Amanda & Josh become the winners and the first “Tribunal.” They must select three teams for potential elimination, but only one will go in.

2. Three’s a Crowd

With Bananas and his friend Cara Maria, Amanda is outnumbered. To her frustration, there is nothing she can do to save her friends Ashley and Hunter. It’s agreed that each team will nominate one other team. This allows Bananas to nominated Hunter & Georgia, Cara Maria to vote in Ashley & Chase, and Amanda decides to vote in Zach & Zahida. They’re already gunning for her, so she doesn’t want to make a new enemy. Madison, Theo, and Josh are in this meeting but remain voiceless from what we can see.

3. Lines are Drawn

After the nominees are revealed, Amanda confronts Morgan and calls her a follower. It’s time for another Amandageddon! Bananas and Cara Maria try to exorcise the demons in Amanda, but the fight is overshadowed when Hunter says he’d call out Leroy is given the chance. Attention moves from Amanda to Bananas and Hunter. Leroy then yells at Hunter who lunges at Leroy and is escorted out of the kitchen by security. Amanda tries to comfort Hunter, but she is left to fight this battle alone. When returns to the kitchen and is greeted by a new opponent.

4. Rumors are Bumblin’

I get the impression this fight lasted far longer than we saw on TV, and Jenna eventually tells Amanda to stop. Amanda had ignored Jenna so far, so she tells Jenna the fight doesn’t involve her. Jenna then ties this drama to the “bomb dropping” drama on the Final Reckoning reunion. So Jenna invited Amanda to drop the bomb and Amanda does: she says Zach has Bumble on his phone and uses it under a different identity. This sparks a fight between Zach and Jenna. The next morning, Jenna is still upset and talks to Zach. He says they can’t be together if she can’t trust him. He threatens to break up with her, but the fight eventually subsides.

5. Dropping the Ball

After a quick interview with the three nominated teams, the six members of the Tribunal vote for a team to send in. Everyone sticks to their nominated team, aside from Josh who votes in Hunter & Georgia. This means they pick their opponent out of anyone outside of the Tribunal. He picks Ashley & Chase, so it’s time to get vengeance for Final Reckoning. They play Drone Ball Drop and the goal is to sink two balls into a basket after the ball is dropped by a drone 30 feet in the air. Ashley and Georgia face each other first, but Ashley quickly scores. Then, Hunter and Chase compete. The first round results in an out-of-bounds ball, so no one gets the point. Then, Hunter scores a point quickly when the match is reset. This leaves Georgia and Ashley, and Georgia manages to sneak through Ashley and get a point. Ashley & Chase lose, and Ashley has gone from winner of Final Reckoning to first veteran leaving War of the Worlds. Now, Hunter & Georgia have a “relic.”

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