Real World Atlanta

The Real World Coming to Atlanta

For the past years, decades even, fans have wondered why Atlanta was never represented on The Real World. It seems like the city might finally get the chance to be showcased for season 33.

An Atlanta news source has reported The Real World is slated to film in the city from March 11-May 25, a 10 week period. This is the first time the show has filmed in the city. For years, rumors circulated that a mayor in Atlanta prevented the show from filming in the city due to the show’s depiction of black Americans. Perhaps this was true during the early days of the show, but I doubt it impacted the show in its later years. In fact, BMP filmed a season of Bad Girls Club in Atlanta, a show that makes The Real World seem like a family program.

Either way, this is a welcome change. This may result in some additional interest in the show.


  1. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for MTV’s Real World: Atlanta – Season 33. I’m very curious and interested in how this will all play out. I want a solid fun, and emotionally invested season.

    1. I really want to see this season play out strong. I really want the cast to do more & be more. I’m talking about road trips, vacations, the cast getting jobs, helping with charities and fundraisers, talking to a therapist, etc. I really hope this season goes well. Producers… Let this be natural.

    1. Mohammed Kasim Reed is the former mayor of Atlanta, Georgia. He was the 59th mayor. He is also an attorney and
      former politician. His reign was from 2010 – 2018.

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