Challenge: War of the Worlds

Can Josh Go From Purge Victim to Rookie of the Year?

So far, War of the Worlds has been a wild ride for Josh Martinez. The Big Brother 19 winner came into the game with high hopes, only to have these dreams crushed by the Purge in episode 1. After a stroke of good luck (for him, not for Alan’s hand), Josh was able to return to the game with Amanda as his partner. This threw him into a whirlwind, but things may be looking up for him.

For those of you who saw BB19, Josh is remembered for being loud. Really, really loud. Like, he ran around the house banging pot and pans and singing circus music. He was also fairly loyal to his alliance until his stabbed Christmas in the back at the very end (a common Big Brother move). When he wasn’t surviving the game, he was getting into arguments and was often very emotional. All of these things sound bad, but he left the house $500,000 richer, so he did something right.

Despite all of this, he was not regarded as a physical beast in competitions. So, I was surprised when he was the first person to get to his puzzle on the Impending Dune challenge. Based on his appearance and his performance thus far, he has definitely trained for the show. Then the puzzle killed him and he was Purged on episode one.

Thankfully, he got to return. However, he was paired with Amanda. Not only was she the last pick, but she’s not exactly the most popular cast member. Any insecurities he felt in regards to being disliked by his BB houseguests are guaranteed with Amanda. Having her as a partner gives him about eight automatic enemies.

This roller coast hit a serious high this week. Somehow, Josh & Amanda beat Nany & Turbo in the Arms-a-geddon Tired challenge. Not only did they beat them, they were so successful that they finished in the top three. This earned them immunity and a chance to vote someone into elimination.

At this point, I see Josh & Amanda as a team who could face one of two extremes. Perhaps Josh has gotten really strong and is a good physical competitor. Amanda is allegedly good at puzzles. Together, they could be a dark horse of a team. One who works so well together that they win despite the fact that they’re dismissed as serious competition. The other extreme, and the more likely one, is that they self-destruct. Amanda gets into arguments, Josh can no longer keep his cool, and they make many enemies.

I’d love to see them become an underdog team, but as it stands, I can’t see them getting far. As I see it, they will be viewed as disposable. Amanda has so few allies in the game that she needs to win or she’ll be nominated to go into elimination. Even if she isn’t voted into elimination, she will be an easy pick for the team competing in the Killing Floor. Basically, I view them as a team who can’t fly under the radar. Josh has had good luck so far and demonstrated some strengths, but because Amanda is his partner, his survival in this game means he needs to win every week.

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