Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 3

Do challenges in the mud ever let us down?

1. Blood in the Mud

This week’s challenge is called Search & Destroy and each heat has two stages. The male partner runs through a maze and finds a ball. Then, they pass the ball to the female partner who must run through the mud and bring the ball into the safe zone. While in the mud, competitors can tackle each other and obtain an opponent’s ball. Each round has three fewer balls than competitors, and teams must have a ball to advance. In the second and fourth rounds the male and female roles flip. The game quickly gets dirty and people start tackling each other. Most notably, Zach gets tackled. To get competitors off of him, he throws his ball and Wes gets it. Bananas views this as a betrayal, but Wes & Dee score a win thanks to this. The other two teams who earn a spot in the Tribunal are Kam & Ashley C. and Paulie & Ninja.

2. Burns and Backstabs

In the Tribunal, competitors quickly pick out the teams they want to consider for elimination. Paulie wants Kyle & Mattie, Wes wants Bananas & Morgan, and Kam & Ashley C. decide to burn their vote on Amanda & Josh. During their questioning, teams just take personal jabs at their selected team, aside from Kam who asks Amanda is there’d be bad blood if she does go into the Killing Floor. Amanda says she has bigger fish to fry, but she’s clearly trying to avoid elimination.

3. Lines Drawn in the Mud

Bananas calls out Zach for assisting Wes during the Search & Destroy challenge. Zach, who volunteered himself into the Armageddon last season to save Bananas, denied working with Wes. Bananas thinks Zach is trying to ride the middle of two alliances, but either way, Wes is happy he got to take the first strike.

4. Three Way Split

At the Killing Floor, Paulie & Ninja vote in Kyle & Mattie, Wes & Dee vote in Bananas & Morgan, and Kam & Ashley C. vote in Josh & Amanda. Due to this tie, TJ grows frustrated and asks Kam if she wants to switch votes. She doesn’t budge, but also doesn’t want to know what a tie entails. Eventually, Ashley C. budges and votes in Bananas & Morgan. This leaves Bananas & Morgan to choose their opponent. Feeling betrayed, they send in Zach & Zahida.

5. Worlds Apart

The elimination is called Map It Out and players must climb a huge climbing wall with a map on the background. One competitor passes the names of twenty countries to their partner and guides them up the wall. The climber must place as many country names in the correct location on the map in fifteen minutes. As it turns out, people from the UK know some different countries than people from the US. This helps Zach & Zahida who manage to get 18 countries correct while Bananas & Morgan only get 15. This means Bananas is the second vet out of the game.

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