Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments From Episode 5

A new episode. I’d be very scared if I were a veteran.

1. Getting Tired

This week’s challenge is endurance based and it’s called Tired Out. The goal is to run back and fourth across the desert and retrieve tires in a specific order. One at a time, each time viewing a key to retrieve the correct next tire. Then, teams must stack the fourteen tires. Some teams are built for this type of competition while others begin to struggle. It seems like Hunter is exhausted straight out of the gate, and other teams quickly lose their breathe. Da’Vonne wants to stop and catch her breathe but Bear wants to keep moving. Frustrated, he throws a tantrum and quit the challenge. Paulie & Ninja finish first with Nany & Turbo close behind. Cara Maria & Theo snatch the third spot in the Tribunal before Jenna & Gus can finish.

2. Friends of Vendettas

At the Tribunal, Turbo and Ninja are upset with Bear because he quit on Da’Vonne. These innocent rookies have their opinions diminished by veterans who want to make power moves. Kyle & Mattie are safe after winning the Relic last week, so Paulie & Cara Maria focus on the next best thing, Kyle’s friend Zach. This results in both Zach & Zahida and Jenna & Gus getting nominated. Da’Vonne & Bear get the third nomination, and during the questioning, Bear shows just how hotheaded he can be when he argues with Cara Maria.

3. The Bear in the Room

Realizing the Bear has pissed off half the cast, his UK friend Kyle adds fuel to the fire. He does this because he wants to save his friend Zach and make Bear a bigger target. So, he encourages Bear to interrupt a poker game the house is playing. Bear runs into the game room and jumps on the table, collapsing the game to the floor. This anger the cast and Ninja yells at Bear,  but no one is more upset than Da’Vonne who feels her partner’s reckless game play is ruining her game.

4. New Enemies and Old Enemies

At the Killing Floor, Zach & Zahida are sent in now that he has new enemies in Cara Maria and Paulie. Now comes the hard part: picking an opponent. Zach immediately wanted Da’Vonne & Bear, but Zahida refuses to send in her UK ally Bear. This leaves Amanda & Josh and Wes & Dee as potential candidates. As much as he hates Amanda, Zach doesn’t want to vote her in because she’s not targeting him. This means Wes & Dee are sent into the Killing Floor.

5. Out of Light

The elimination is called Lights Out, and the goal is to assemble a puzzle in a tent. Every so often, TJ will flip a switch and turn the lights off. One competitor then races down the Killing Floor and flips the switch back on, giving their teammate some moments in the light to complete the puzzle. Zach doesn’t do well with puzzles, but he runs faster than Wes. However, Dee runs faster than Zahida and gives Wes more time with the puzzle. This proves beneficial, because Wes & Dee win the elimination and a Relic so they can cause trouble next week without consequence.

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