Challenge: War of the Worlds

Amanda and the Unseen Wrapping Scandal

This season seems to have a few incidents that have been left on the cutting room floor. I recently controversy known as Glitter Gate, but this time we’re talking about the wrapping scandal.This incident involves Amanda and our sourced have very different views of Amanda. Source 1 is Cara Maria and source 2 is Da’Vonne.

We all know Amanda can be passionate, and she’s not afraid to start a fight. Sometimes, these fights can last for hours. Apparently, after Hunter & Georgia nominated Amanda for elimination she was arguing for hours (per Cara Maria). Eventually, Bananas wrapped up Amanda to get her to stop. Along with his buddies Kyle and Theo, they wrapped her up and tapped her mouth shut. Both Da’Vonne and Paulie confirm this, and Cara Maria acknowledges she knew about it. Da’Vonne stated she does not think this started maliciously, but it escalated quickly.

To get the tape off, Amanda had to cut hair off and she lost some hair in the process. Apparently she cried and wanted to quit the game. Kyle apologized, and she punched or kicked him in the balls. Theo apologized later as well and told Amanda not to quit over this incident.

It’s quite unsettling that this type of incident went on without consequence. I believe Da’Vonne’s assessment. I think this began as a joke and turned into a bigger ordeal. Still, even Paulie knew this was wrong and over the top. Cara Maria, on the other hand, insists that she doesn’t feel bad because Amanda has been mean to her for the past few seasons.

I’ll update if there’s more information about this situation. For now, I’ll leave it up to you to assess the case.

UPDATE: Amanda acknowledged the incident on Twitter. She’s receive apologizes and moved on. She encourages you to do the same.

amanda tweet


  1. hopefully one day her challenge ending career will end the same as tonya and that to be rapped and attacked sexually and physically.

    1. You’re fucking disgusting. And have CLEAR mental issues if you say this shit about someone on a game show, you pathetic cunt.

  2. and Bananas is pushing to be the next Bachelor? That’s a no from me. I know the Bachelor had some douchebags but Bananas would top them all.

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