Challenge: War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds: Who’s Running This Game?

We’re five weeks into the game and we’ve already lost Ashley, Bananas, CT, and Zach. Clearly, War of the Worlds is not our typical Challenge season and the veterans aren’t going to skate through it easily. Someone has to win this game, but the final isn’t going to include some Challenge mainstays. So, who really is in control of this season?

Alliance #1: Paulie & Cara Maria

It seems like Paulie & Ninja have a spot reserved for them in the Tribunal, so they clearly have some potential to exhibit control in this game. Plus, Cara Maria & Theo are performing pretty well. The problem? They’re going after Kyle, leaving a bunch of strong competitors in the game. This has resulted in CT and Zach going home, but this also lets strong competitors like Ashley C., Wes, and Turbo skate through this game. Perhaps they remain in power right now, but they’re not making new friends.

Alliance #2: Wes & Hunter

This allegedly hidden alliance has been putting in some work. Hunter took out Ashley in the first Killing Floor, Bananas left when Wes got a spot in the Tribunal, then two weeks later Wes eliminated Zach in The Killing Floor. While these two aren’t mainstays in the Tribunal, they’re able to put in work and eliminate people on their own. This is the type of game I’d expect from Wes, but it’s also risky business. While this strategy might result in longterm success, they’re not really in control until they’ve eliminated more people.

Alliance #3: The UK Kids

Let’s recap the first vets to go home: Ashley and her US partner. Bananas and his US partner. CT and his US partner. Natalie and her Brazilian partner. Zahida was the first person from the UK to go home, and that’s because Paulie, Ninja & Cara Maria were all voting for Zach to go into the Killing Floor. It looks like the UK kids are doing a good job of sticking together. This could be the alliance I hoped the Are You the One? kids would have had on Rivals 3 or Invasion.

Despite the fact that they’re not turning on each other, they’re mostly falling victim to their partners game play. Georgia was in the first elimination, Zahida was in the second elimination, and Kyle was in the third elimination. Then Zahida went home in the fourth elimination. The UK kids still have potential in this game, but until they overthrow their partners they’re not in control.

Then there’s floaters like Josh & Amanda or Leroy & Shaleen. They could try to band together, but laying low may benefit them in the game.

So Who’s In Control?

Right now, it’s Paulie & Cara Maria’s game. I don’t think they’re playing the smartest game, but I think they are calling he moves. While they’re focusing on Kyle & Mattie, there are other alliances waiting for the opportunity to strike. When they get that chance, I think Paulie & Cara Maria are in trouble.

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