Challenge: War of the Worlds

Hunter & Julia: The Hook Up that Didn’t Air

There is a lot of juicy information on War of the Worlds that hasn’t made it to air. Some of it may be airing later, but I’m guessing we won’t see most of it. In fact, rumor has it, MTV has been trying to get some cast members to stop talking about unaired footage (such as the Amanda incident).

This time, MTV did the dirty work for us (even though they could have just aired the footage during a regular episode). On their website, they posted a clip of the rumored hook up between Julia & Hunter.

So to put all rumors to rest, yes, they did hook up. In the clip on MTV we see the two getting into bed together, Julia taking her pants off, but Hunter leaves his hat on. It’s safe to say they turned their bed room into the boom boom room.

From what I understand, this was just a hook up. They’re not an item. Julia promised on her YouTube channel she would talk more about the Hunter story. It’s been two weeks since she was eliminated and no update. Sadly, I’m not expecting one. I’d bet she was told to stop spilling so much info.

My biggest question is why they’d ignore this hook up on the show but put it online two weeks after Julia’s departure. Perhaps an Easter egg for season 34? Wishful thinking…


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