Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 8

1. Family Affair

Georgia becomes angry when she catches Bear chatting with his girlfriend via video chat, as Bear has told her he was single. Georgia calls him out, but he denies it and claims he’s talking to his cousin. Of course, Georgia recognizes Bear’s “girlfriend” and isn’t buying his story. She vows to not speak with Bear again.

2. Block Party

This week’s challenge is called Brain Freeze, and is played in two stages. First, the teams alternate running into the cold ocean water and retrieving eight puzzle pieces. Then, they use the puzzle pieces to build a block puzzle. Basically, The Challenge took this challenge right off of Survivor. Many teams comment on how heavy the blocks are and how difficult it is to swim in the ocean. Wes & Dee become the first team to complete the challenge, despite the fact that Wes taught Dee to swim just one day prior. Turbo & Nany come in second, followed by Theo & Cara Maria third. Those three teams make the Tribunal.

3. The UK Downfall

At the Tribunal, Theo finds himself as the only UK representative. Of course, his vote goes to Kyle & Mattie because he’s with Cara Maria. He can’t save the rest of his allies. Wes & Dee vote in Bear & Da’Vonne, making Bear a prime target. This is especially true when Nany & Turbo burn their vote on Hunter & Georgia knowing that Nany will not vote for Hunter.

4. Division by Reunion

The cast goes clubbing, and Hunter finds himself feuding with Bear. Meanwhile, a frustrated Georgia finds herself crawling back into Bear’s arms. Hunter is upset with Georgia and tells her she’s going to mess up their game if she continues to flirt with Bear. Of course, Hunter’s language is much more offensive, and Georgia becomes hurt by her partner. Hunter later apologizes, but it’s not a real apology as it still assigns blame to Georgia for relationship with Bear.

5. Poler Plunge

Unsurprisingly, Bear & Da’Vonne are voted into the Killing Floor. Because Nany is the deciding vote, Bear calls out Jenna & Gus to try to take out Nany’s friend. The game is called Push & Pole, and it’s basically Pole Wrestle. First team to get three poles wins. The game starts with Gus almost getting the pole away from Bear, but having it slip out of his hands. Then, Da’Vonne gets a pole from Jenna, giving Bear & Da’Vonne a 2-0 lead. Gus redeems himself, getting the pole away from Bear in his second attempt, but Da’Vonne gets the third pole and win for her team.


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