Challenge: War of the Worlds

Da’Vonne & Bear: Are they Capable of Running the Game?

At the start of War of the Worlds, Team Momma Bear was the wildcard team. None of the US Veterans knew anything about Bear other than he was connected within the UK alliance and he appeared less athletic than other UK competitors. On the other hand, Da’Vonne started out this season with a big victory on the Impending Dune challenge and a lot of Big Brother hype behind her. When the two paired, it seemed like an oddball alliance that just might work.

They flew under the radar the first few weeks, and when Bear caused waves his UK allies were able to calm the storm. This was until the were called into elimination and pulled out the win. This is when the pair had to show their hand, and the perfect partnership showed its flaws.

After winning their first spot in the Tribunal, Bear showed he can be hard to work with. He’ll whine until he gets his way and he has a lot of teams to protect. On the other hand, Da’Vonne has fewer allies but none of them overlap with Bear. In fact, Bear wanted to target Paulie & Ninja because they are the strongest team in his eyes. While it’s smart to target them, that strong team also contains Da’Vonne’s biggest ally. Say what you will about Paulie, but he has been loyal to Da’Vonne and spent all of his time voting for Kyle. Da’Vonne would be safe in Paulie’s hands if it wasn’t for Bear.

This is where the team begins to crumble. It’s getting to the point in the game where you either need to be in the Tribunal or you’ll be nominated for the Killing Floor. Your power in the Tribunal is only as strong as your ability to use it. Bear also knows he is on Wes’s bad side, so the last thing he needs is to use his power to get another enemy. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne only has a couple of people she can vote in without UK attachments. This means the team is going to be burning bridges and arguing with each other whenever they get power.

There is a silver lining. They just won an elimination and they’re only experiencing Tribunal due to a challenge victory. They work very well together in competitions, and if they can keep this up then bad political moves may not screw them. Otherwise, their game is going to be frustrating for both of them from here on out. Motherhood can prepare you for a lot of things, but I don’t know if Da’Vonne is prepared to deal with Bear and all of his antics.

Either way, I love a good underdog team. Team Momma Bear could be this season’s underdog pairing, and I’m rooting for them.

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