Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 9

Teams are dwindling and the game gets more intense.

1. Partner Therapy

After Hunter’s outburst last week, he tries to reconcile with Georgia. To do this, he summons Wes to mediate a conversation. This conversation really outlines the team strategy going forward. Georiga is the sweet but aloof one while Hunter is the sociopath. Together, they seem like they’re an out of control team but it’s all strategy. Wes knows the game, and he feels this is how this team can best progress.

2. On the Road

This week’s challenge is called Road Warrior and requires teams to swing on ropes and pass rings to their partner. There are sixteen rings total and the teams who transfer the most the fastest will comprise the Tribunal. The catch? The ropes are on top of semi-trucks moving at 50 MPH. Paulie & Ninja go first, but Ninja is disappointed when Paulie drops a ring. Many other teams progress without issue, but Dee seems to hesitate the most. She only manages to pass seven rings to Wes, but it doesn’t matter. Hunter & Georgia, Kyle & Mattie, and Theo & Cara Maria

3. Slim Pickings

At the Tribunal, only four teams are eligible to be selected. Unsurprisingly, Kyle & Mattie pick Paulie & Ninja. Hunter return’s Nany’s burn vote from last week, so he & Georgia nominate Nany & Turbo. Frustrated, Cara Maria & Theo pick Wes & Dee, knowing there are only a few options and she can’t keep her boyfriend safe.

4. Scare Tactics

Paulie tries to intimated Wes by saying he’d pick Wes if he was called into the Killing Floor. Wes recognizes the scare tactic, but Ninja feels that Paulie is disregarding her and her friendship with Dee. At the Tribunal, Hunter wants to force a 2-2-2 tie, but Georgia won’t let this happen. She eventually switches her vote so Paulie & Ninja are called onto the Killing Floor. Once there, they choose to compete against Kam & Ashley because Ninja doesn’t want to face her friend Dee.

5. Puzzle Roulette

Killing Floor competitors compete in the Wheel of Death where one teammate is strapped onto a wheel spinning at 20 revolutions per minute. The other teammate is required to solve a puzzle while blindfolded, only receiving guidance from the spinning competitor. Kam quickly get sick and throws up during the elimination, while Paulie manages to keep his head in the game. Kam does her best, but Paulie & Ninja develop a strategy that helps Ninja get puzzle pieces on the board quickly. Eventually both teams call for a check, and both are off by one piece. Paulie corrects the mistake first, so he wins with Ninja. The team rejoices, and Paulie gloats until TJ drops a twist: from here on out there are no teams.

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