Challenge: War of the Worlds

No More Teams! Who’s In a Better or Worse Position?

At the very end of this week’s episode, TJ announced a twist: There are no more team! For some players, they’re now in a great position. For others, their game just became a lot harder. Here is a ranking of the players, from those whose position got much better to those whose position got much worse.

Much Better Position


Ninja’s biggest asset in this game is her physical strength, and she’s not afraid to show it. She is easily one of, if not the best female competitor. Now, she can use her physical strength to protect herself without having to worry about Paulie. Even though Paulie has been performing quite well, his feud with Kyle keeps getting him nominated for elimination. Ninja can now play her own game without having to play Paulie’s.


Similar to Ninja, she is now free from the Kyle/ Paulie/ Cara Maria drama. She’s another tough female, so she can carry he own in competition. However, I think she has a lot of respect for Kyle and will continue to fight battles with him, despite not being tied to him.


While Wes has worked really well with Dee, his position in the game becomes better because everyone is free from their partners. He can manipulate people freely without having partners to talk sense into them. He can also let other people like Paulie/Kyle or Hunter take heat for drama while he sits in the background.


Theo’s game got hurt last week when Kam & Ashley went home, but now that he’s rid of Cara Maria’s drama he can play a smarter game. He’s really the glue of the UK alliance, and I think being able to rally their numbers will make them a big force to be reckoned with.


Da’Vonne has been exceeding expectations this season, but there have also been times where she slowed down the team. Bear is a firecracker in the game, he’s now free to explode where he’d like. This could help or hurt him, but there’s no one to stop him.


Being part of the cyclical love triangle with Cara Maria and Paulie, you’d think Kyle would be a bigger target in the game. However, he’s now free to play as he chooses and with Ashley C. gone, he may be a necessary addition to the UK alliance. So, Kyle is now in the position where he’ll be targeted by some but protected by more.


Turbo is lucky to have a patient partner like Nany, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think Nany is carrying the team. Turbo is good at puzzles, endurance, and physical strength. As a lone ranger, he’s going to instill a lot of fear into people. But, he’s a lone ranger, and that means he doesn’t have too many allies beyond Nany.


With Bear off her side, Da’Vonne can make her own decisions in the game. He has been a wild partner, but he did give Da’Vonne numbers in the game. Especially now that Amanda and Josh is gone, Da’Vonne association with the UK alliance may have saved her down the line.


Hunter is another competitor whose game may improve or may decline. He’s physically strong, mentally stubborn, and eager to actually win money. This could mean he’s bringing his A game, but it may also mean he’s free to make his own mistakes. This position could win him the game or cost him the game.

Cara Marie

She may be strong, but Cara Maria isn’t the most popular player in the game. Her elimination record and physical dominance will scare people, but the few allies she has in the game means she will likely get called into elimination. Of course, she’s no stranger to having to fight to the end of the game.


Georgia has been impressing us this season, but there’s no denying that Hunter has helped her thus far. Sure, she has the UK alliance backing her, but anyone outside of that alliance won’t hesitate to say her name. If she makes it to the end, it’s be super impressive, but right now it looks like it’ll be a battle.


Similar to Cara Maria, he has a few haters in the game. This past week he evens said he’d be a “lone wolf” if it weren’t for Cara Maria. While he has been performing really well thus far, few people feel attached to him and won’t have a problem throwing him under the bus. Plus, Ninja is a great partner. Without her, he only has himself and Cara Maria.


Coming into War of the World, Nany had allies like Bananas and Jenna to help her through the game. Each week, someone close to Nany has left. Now she’s left with just Tubro, and without him attached to her she’s essential a born-again rookie. Despite her few allies at this point, Nany does have seasons of experience. She is smarter than a rookie, though some of the rookies this season may be more popular than her at this point.


Wes has been an amazing partner to Dee. He’s been patient, understanding, and willing to teach her. I expect the two to work together, but she’s really going to have be her own coach to move further. She’s not with the UK alliance, so her name will likely get called to the Killing Floor sooner than later.

Much Worse Position

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