Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 10

It’s time for the singles!

1. Hurricane Season

The challenge is named Fandemonium and TJ brought out his hurricane fans for this one. Each competitor has five minutes to run up a hallway and deposit as many balls as possible into the specified area. The catch? They’re running toward the hurricane fans the produce winds up to 120 miles per hour. This simulates a category 4 hurricane. Even though they have ten total balls, no one gets them all. Multiple competitors find themselves struggling to breathe and Turbo has to see a medic. This proves to be worthwhile, as Turbo, Paulie and Theo all deposit seven balls the fastest and make the Tribunal. It’s a guy’s elimination so the girls are safe, but Bear is upset he didn’t win. He brought eight balls up the hall but two were deposited in the wrong area and his total score is only six.

2. The Quick and Loud

At the Tribunal, Theo grabs three names and they quickly decide to nominate Kyle, Hunter, and Wes. The questioning is mostly repetitive with Paulie flexing on Kyle and Wes playing timid. The only exception is Hunter who refuses to talk to anyone. He was tries to make some grand statement like he’s Johnny Bananas, but ends up looking like a douche bag.

3. Turbo Mode

After the Tribunal meeting, Hunter states everyone is scared of him and no one can take him out. Georgia states that she could beat Hunter in a wrestling match, then she states Turbo could beat Hunter. Hunter says he could beat Turbo with his right arm tied behind his back. Turbo takes this personally, and he starts to argue with Hunter. Most people are surprised to see this side of Turbo and agree that you don’t want to get on his bad side. The fight ends with Turbo calling Hunter a chicken, but at the end of the day Turbo has the power when it comes to the Killing Floor.

4. Vengeance on a Vendetta

Despite their argument, Turbo sides wit Kyle to send Kyle into the Killing Floor. He calls out Bear and the two are playing King of the World. TJ asks the competitors a question and then five balls drop. The goal is to get the ball with the correct answer into your bucket. First to three wins, and the competitors start the game with some fire. They tackle each other for the first ball, and Kyle eventually gets it. The second question initially stumps them both, but Kyle eventually gets that as well. By the third ball, Bear has lost his steam and Kyle takes home the victory.

5. The Fast Good-Bye

After Bear gets eliminated, Georgia is sobbing because her boy toy is leaving. TJ also lets Kyle know that his elimination is sponsored by Burger King and he has a surprise coming his way. He gets to take three guests, and he picks Mattie, Nany, and Da’Vonne. No one knows what the surprise it. It could be safety, or it could be a Whopper.


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