Challenge: War of the Worlds

Is Kyle on Track to Win War of the Worlds?

Ten episodes in, and it seems like Wes, Turbo, and Paulie are getting all the praise this season. After winning his second elimination of the season, Kyle seems to be doing really well this season. Perhaps he was underestimated at the beginning of the season because he was overshadowed by Mattie, but it seems like he’s secretly a huge threat on his own.

Coming into this season, it seemed obvious that Kyle would have enemies with Paulie and Cara Maria. This holds true, but his position with other cast members was questionable. He’s from the UK, but he also has two Challenge seasons under his belt. Early in the game he decided to work with his US friends Bananas, Zach, and Leroy. Ultimately, these allies would leaving the in first half of the season and Kyle would have to survive on his own.

Fortunately, being paired with Mattie made him a lot more intimidating. We just saw Wes praise Mattie this episode, and it’s clear she’s one of the biggest female threats in this game. But Kyle’s performance by himself has been quite impressive. Has has been in the Tribunal quite a few times, and even when he wasn’t there he was typically close to earning a spot. In the most recent Challenge, Fandemonium, Kyle tied all three Tribunal members with three balls deposited. It his time separated him from actually getting into the Tribunal and securing his safety.

The biggest difference between Final Reckoning and War of the Worlds is his performance in eliminations. Both times he competed individually in the Killing Floor and he took out three big names. He defeated CT & JP earlier in the season and took out Bear this past week. Kyle never had an impressive elimination/ Redemption run, so this proves he has improved from his past seasons.

Ultimately, I think Kyle is in a much better place than last season. Could he win? Potentially. I think he will be an easy name to throw into the Killing Floor, but that’s assuming he doesn’t earn himself safety. I also think he could win in another elimination. However, I still have no faith in his ability to perform with puzzles. His improvements are mostly in his agility and physical strength and he still has some shortcomings. These weaknesses may to be exposed in every daily challenge, but they will certainly be exposed in a final if he gets there.

I am impressed with Kyle this season. I’d just really like to see how he plays the game with Paulie and Cara Maria out of the picture.

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