Challenge: War of the Worlds

Will Bear Become the Next Challenge Great?

After ten weeks on The Challenge, Bear’s debut run has come to an end. Coming into the show, he was one of the biggest names coming from the UK and apparently received a hefty paycheck just for showing up.

To my surprised, he was actually pretty good. Perhaps not the best Challenger, but he became known for gloating after doing well. While this may be considered poor-sportsmanship, it wasn’t baseless. He did do well on a number of challenges and he was unafraid to let his targets know he’s gunning for them.

It’s almost guaranteed Bear will be back. When he returns, he likely won’t be the only UK native. He might bring along some of his War of the Worlds allies and some newbies from the UK. This may be his biggest strength moving forward. Bear will work with the new allies and try to overthrow the veterans who typically run the show.

It seems Bear represents the change in the casting of The Challenge. Bananas and his posse aren’t going to run the show any more. Rookies are going to be international and we will see a lot of diversity. Someone like Bear may be able to embrace these changes and use the rookies as numbers in his alliance.

If Bear can improve his performance in competition, I think he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. While he did well in many aspects of the game, he seems to have two weaknesses. During the King of the World elimination, he proved his endurance is not as strong as others. He also seems to let frustration overcome him. This can be seen during the Tired Out challenge when he literally gave up on Da’Vonne during the challenge.

There’s power in numbers, and Bear has numbers. If the plays the game correctly and uses his allies well,I think he will be a force in the future. If he plays future seasons like he played War of the Worlds, I think he’ll get similar results. He’ll make it past the half way point before his antics catch up with him.


  1. I’d argue his endurance is fine. He didn’t get tired in the “tired out” challenge. He got made that Da’Vonne wouldn’t go any faster. If anything it shows that he had more endurance.

  2. Honestly, I hope not because I’m still want to see RW/RR people still complete. I know Road Rules has been over for a decade and Real World still around but it seems like after Skeletons most of the two last seasons have been mostly ignored. I’m OK with those on the other reality shows in the US but could they limit the Brits unless they the a US vs the World the challenge.

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