Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments From Episode 11

Bear is gone, so now Wes needs to set is target elsewhere.

1. Namibian Drift

This week’s challenge is named Highway to Hell and players need to solve a slider puzzle on top of a moving car. They have three minutes, and the car is drifting for the entire time. Dee goes first and finishes quickly, though most people finish. Perhaps the guys are taking it easy because it’s a girl’s elimination, but people like Paulie and Wes give it their all to try and keep their female allies safe. Ultimately, Mattie has the fastest time while Wes comes in second. Dee comes in third and rounds out the Tribunal.

2. Wes’s Angels

Now that Wes has power, he wants to use it to prolong his game. Mattie is going to nominated Cara Maria into the Killing Floor as they’ve been saying each other’s name all season. Dee has already said Da’Vonne’s name, so she’ll say it again to prevent making a new ally. The girls want Nany as the third pick, but Wes picks Georgia because he claims she’s the best runner. At the interrogation, Wes tries to strike a deal where the girls can’t vote himself, Mattie, or Dee into The Killing Floor next time they’re in the Tribunal. Georgia and Cara Maria agree, but Da’Vonne declines.

3. Veteran’s Honor

Nany feels like she is a lone ranger in this game, and she asks Cara Maria who she’d pick if she went into the Killing Floor. Cara believes Nany is working with Kyle, so she responds to Nany by saying Nany should be worried, because she isn’t going to be safe. This angers Nany who feels she has built respect with Cara over the years. Despite this, Cara feels any friend of Kyle’s is an enemy in the game. Perhaps Cara is trying to earn more safety in the game, but Nany feels Cara Maria has gone from a sweet girl to a stubborn, closed-off Challenger with a stick up her ass.

4. The Paulie Pact

Cara Maria accepted Wes’s deal for safety, but this deal extends to Paulie. Wes, Mattie, and Dee say they’ll take Paulie and Cara Maria to the final if they reciprocate this. Paulie doesn’t want to work with Wes, as he believe Wes and Kyle are allies. However, he agrees to the deal to benefit Cara’s game. While the deal does seem beneficial, Mattie now worries she’s stabbed Kyle in the back.

5. “No Deal” Deal

After taking with Da’Vonne, Georgia realizes she shouldn’t be taking Wes’s deal. She retracts her agreement and this makes her equally susceptible to getting sent into the Killing Floor as Da’Vonne. At the Killing Floor, Georgia is sent into elimination thanks to Wes’s vote. Now, she has to call someone out but she promises she will make a big move. For the first time this season, we have a cliffhanger at the elimination.


  1. How? .. Hmmm didnt Nany vote in cara with a broken hand on free agents 😬.. Love my girl nany but she know she wrong

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