MTV Launching RealityCon In Summer 2020

Can’t get enough of your favorite reality shows? There’s a convention for that!

In the summer of 2020, MTV will be launching RealityCon, a convention focused on the impact and evolution of reality TV. The convention will feature panels and performances with some of your favorite reality stars. While you can expect to see MTV favorites from shows like The Real World, Are You the One, and Jersey Shore, this convention will not be limited to the MTV family. The convention will focus on how reality TV impacts it audience and represents diversity. It will also be a platform for future concepts to be discussed.

This is a unique project for MTV. It could be huge, or it could fizzle. Either way, I’m expecting to see a lot of Z-Listers posting about it.

1 comment

  1. Hopefully, it goes better than the last time someone tried to have Real World/Challenge alums together with fans.

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