Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 12

Picking up after the first cliffhanger of the seasons. Sigh.

1. Chairful Elimination

At the Killing Floor, Georgia decides to call out Nany. She agreed not to call out Da’Vonne and Cara Maria, and her only options were Nany and Ninja. She wasn’t looking to test Ninja, so Nany is picked by default and handles this as well as she should. The elimination is called Chair’d Remains and the girl must pick a partner. Georgia picks Turbo and Nany picks Wes. The partners then tape the girls to a chair as best as they can. The girl who breaks free and rings a bell first wins. While Turbo seems to have experience tying people down (which is confirmed by a prior incident), Georgia tries to annoy Wes while he’s trying to tie her up. This works, because Georgia breaks free from her tape with relative ease. Nany is sent home and Georgia remains in the house.

2. Dumpster Divers

At the Challenge, the guys are told they’ll be picking female partners and their names will be drawn in a random order to pick. These are the pairings: Hunter & Mattie, Theo & Cara, Paulie & Georgia, Kyle & Dee, Turbo & Ninja, and Wes & Da’Vonne. The Challenge is named Day of Reckoning and the teams become trash men for the day. They have one hour to run down a hill and carry as much weight as possible into their dumpster. Whichever team gets the most weight wins. The three winning teams are in the Tribunal, the three losing teams are eligible for the Killing Floor. Some teams struggle, but Ninja seems to have the most difficulty during the challenge because Turbo is moving a lot of weight, which slows him down. She freaks out after the challenge and accusing Turbo of losing the challenge. However, Turbo & Ninja earn a spot in the Tribunal along with Paulie & Georgia and Wes & Da’Vonne. I guess Tubro’s strategy worked.

3. Quitting Time

After losing a challenge that was tailor-made for him, Hunter feels defeated and is ready to leave. We tried to calm him down, and Georgia comes in to try and help. Despite her kind words, Wes tells Georgia she’s not the best person to be comforting Hunter. At this point, Hunter feels frustrated and that he efforts have been for nothing. Many competitors feel bad for him, but not Cara Maria. If he wants to leave, she’s ready to watch him go. Despite all of this, Hunter regains composure and stays in the house.

4. Unforgivable

The cast goes to a bar where Ninja tries to apologize to Turbo for her freak out during the challenge. Turbo isn’t too receptive and doesn’t accept the apology. He feels Ninja showed her true colors and he didn’t like the way she played the game. Ninja cries and gets upset, so Dee tries to interfere and tell Turbo he’s not being rational. Turbo never accepts the apology, so Ninja decides to move on with her life.

5. A Surprise Brawler

The Tribunal only has three choices: Hunter, Theo, and Kyle. However, Paulie feels this could be his opportunity to jump into elimination and take out Kyle himself. Paulie says he’d like to face Kyle in something physical. Cara Maria begs him not to, but Paulie debates whether his ego is worth more than this game. At The Killing Floor, we see the game is Hall Brawl, a classic by physical elimination. This could be Paulie’s opportunity to step up to the plate and face Kyle. Will he? We get another cliffhanger.

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