Challenge: War of the Worlds

Chair’d Remains: Was Nany Screwed?

Last week’s episode ended in the first elimination cliffhanger of the seasons… and for what? A game where competitors needed to put faith into an ally and get taped to a chair. Once Georgia called out Nany, it was really anyone’s game.

The consensus: this was lame elimination and one of the worst we’ve seen in a long time. It also feels quite odd that the first female elimination after being separated from partners forced the girls to pick a partner.

In Nany’s case, she clearly wasn’t thrilled to be picked for elimination. In Turbo’s case he always plays to win. Given the circumstances, neither overrated or reacted incorrectly. The real problem here is in the design of the game itself and the partner requirement.

I have to agree with most of the other viewers. This was an awful elimination and it seems to be one designed as a neutralizer in the game. There’s no real way to prepare for it, and it doesn’t require any real skill. The best thing you could do is to have a strong ally, but that doesn’t guarantee success. One of the best things about The Challenge, especially when the game becomes individual, is that competitors don’t have to be popular. If you’re a strong player then you can fight you way to the end. This elimination abandoned this principle and forced competitors to place their fate in someone else’s hands.

To be honest, Nany did get screwed here. Not by Georgia, but by poor game design. It’s sad to see Nany return after a hiatus and go out of the game in such a fashion. I’d love to see her return in the future, but I could certainly see how her departure on War of the Worlds would leave a salty taste in her mouth.


  1. Also, Georgia yelled at Wes’ ear constantly until time was called. It seems unfair mostly because Nany was mostly quiet when Turbo tied her when.

  2. Real world san diego (26) just got added on demand. Lowkey salty any other season woulda been better. Still dope to have an OG show though

  3. Georgia was smart and bouncing around while she wouldn’t stop talking/singing. That allowed for some space between her arms and the arm rests. Nany had her arms flush against the arm rests, making it wayyy more difficult to escape after being tightly wrapped.

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