Real World Atlanta

Real World Atlanta Trailer Released

Find out what happens when the next generations stops being polite.

The reboot of The Real World is coming to Facebook Watch via MTV Studios, and the first peak is here:

It looks like this season is going to be very focused on social issues. We see a DACA recipient, a few conservatives, a few people who identify as queer, and Clint from Michigan.

To be honest, I don’t know how to feel about this, but I will give it a chance. Episodes will be released weekly with bonus content released in between airings.

The future is hear, and it’s on Facebook… before we all delete our Facebooks.

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  1. They decided to make a season about politics on FACEBOOK of all places? Lmao that was not a good decision.

    I don’t get the appeal of bringing in hateful people on purpose. We’ve been there before. This looks like a mash up of GBOGH and San Diego 2 in the worst way. Hard Pass.

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