Challenge: War of the Worlds

Ten Things We Learned from the War of the Worlds Reunion

If you caught the two hour War of the Worlds reunion, you were either captivated by the drama or annoyed by the lack of competition-related content. Personally, I was interested, but I also found myself asking “what show did I watch?”

There was a lot revealed at the reunion that wasn’t aired on TV. Here are the ten biggest takeaways from the show.

10. Kam & Leroy

It seems like this relationship has lived under the radar, and War of the Worlds was no different. Kam and Leroy never dated, but they hung out. Kam came to visit Leroy off the show and allegedly hooked up with someone else. Lee felt disrespected, but this is what happens when you don’t put labels on things. He says he regrets ever sleeping with Kam because of the drama that stemmed from it.

9. Bananas and Morgan are… something?

“More than friends, less than lovers.” That’s how the relationship stands, and that is the only reason Morgan got to go to the reunion.

8. Bear and Georgia are Still Something

They’re not together, but they’re not rejecting each other either. They hooked up on a vacation, but Georgia turned down Bear the night before the reunion. They’re funny though. They’re open to a fault and unashamed of anything.

7. Gus and Josh Fought

Allegedly Josh got into some type of argument with Gus on the show. Gus accused Josh of doing this for airtime. Josh denied this, especially because the fight never even aired. He stated that if he was going to fight someone for clout he’d argue with Bananas like everyone else.

6. Kam & Da’Vonne’s Friendship Ended

This argument was somewhat confusing. Apparently Da’Vonne was attracted to Theo when the cast got to the house while Kam stated she was focused on the game, not romance. Then Kam & Theo caught feelings and pursued things. Da’Vonne felt disrespected and Kam gave a half-hearted apology but didn’t regret pursuing Theo. Da’Vonne said this wasn’t about Theo, it was about her relationship with Kam. They hugged it out in the end, but I have to say, this argument seemed irrelevant. Especially because neither girl is involved with Theo now.

5. Paulie & Cara Maria are Still Everyone’s Enemies

It started with Paulie saying he’d never be friends with Kyle, even though people state they get along with Cara is out of the picture. People also accused Paulie of using Cara for attention and saying his intentions are insincere. Cara claims she’s in love and it’s no one else’s businesses.

4. The Wrapping Incident Was Brought Up

Bananas said Da’Vonne should apologize for her accusations about himself, Kyle, and Theo. He stated it was a prank and that Zahida and Georgia were also involved (both girls admitted) but focusing on only the boys made the incident seem more aggressive toward Amanda. Both Da’Vonne and Amanda agreed that the incident blew out of proportion. Though it wasn’t cool to wrap her, the intentions were not to abuse her. Da’Vonne apologized.

3. Wes & Seriously Messed With Da’Vonne’s Personal Life

After their fight during the Road Warrior challenge, Da’Vonne threatened to knee Wes in the chin, as Wes told Jenna to knee Da’Vonne in the face during the Push & Pole elimination. Wes’s tweet stated Da’Vonne threatened to send her “boys” after him, which was untrue. Wes claimed he just remembered feeling threatened by Da’Vonne, but Da’Vonne says Wes’s presumptuous tweet resulted in her getting death threats and racial slurs on Twitter. She also had people calling her job saying she was an unfit parent and that she should be fired. Wes apologized, kind of, but said he also got death threats.

2. Hunter’s Going to Be a Father

The topic of Hunter and Nany was brought up and Nany admitted she was falling for Hunter but he was shady. He wouldn’t talk about his personal life but denied having a girlfriend during filming. He admitted to having a girlfriend prior to filming and after filming. Nany rolled her eyes, and called out Hunter for having a baby on the way, shocking everyone in the audience.

1. Zach Just Showed Up for Money

Bananas kept accusing Zach of working with Wes, but the real logic behind the accusations surfaced. Apparently Zach showed up for the appearance fee and had a wedding he needed to attend. Bananas wanted to face Zach on The Killing Floor because Zach would lose intentionally. Zach didn’t throw the elimination and Bananas seemed to think he threw the elimination against Wes. Zach admitted he didn’t want to be there, especially when accused of wanting Zahida as a parent because she looked weak during the Impending Dune challenge. Zach said he later found motivation to stay. Both Bananas and Zahida find Zach shady now.

Few incident that actually aired were covered. They mentioned Turbo’s win briefly at the start. They then his fight with Ninja, but they’re cool now. She visited him in Turkey. Of all of the aired incidents, they probably spent the most time talking about Zach and Jenna’s fight.


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