Real World Atlanta

Real World Atlanta: Episode 1 On Facebook Watch

Today is the day! In case you didn’t know (which woudln’t be surprising), Episode 1 of The Real World is on Facebook Watch.

Want to find out what happens when people stopbeingpolite and start getting real? This might be the show for you. It’s clear that the casting is designed to bring social issues to surface, and the cast represents a spectrum of beliefs. Episode one is under half an hour, so this is closer to the original format, but edited with buzzwords and Twitter handles. If you’ve never seen an early Real World season, this is as close as you’ll get this decade.

This is fairly quick, free to watch, and if you’re reading this article you have the equipment to watch the show. Give it a shot.


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  1. One & done for me. If I wanted to watch people record themselves, I’ll go get on Instagram stories to see and the constant subtitles that pop up every minute is annoying. I’ll turn subtitles on myself thank you, but yeah I tried and it’s a no for me. It’s sad where my two ex favorite tv shows has gone

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