Challenge & Party Down South Alumnae Mattie Lynn Breaux Joins Floribama Shore

It looks like two members of the War of the Worlds cast are moving in together. Mattie Lynn Breaux will be a part of the season 3 cast of Floribama Shore. She posted this tweet alluding to a new show, though she didn’t specify that she’s be going to Floribama Shore:

It looks like Gus and Mattie are going to be living together once again. Maybe this time they’ll actually talk to each other.

Let’s be honest, this makes perfect sense for MTV. Mattie is Southern, fits the vibe of Floribama Shore, and was quite popular on War of the Worlds. I think MTV sees value in recruiting cast members from other reality shows ever since Cheyenne and Cory joined Teen Mom. So, I think this is a really good move.

Not sure if she is replacing an existing cast member, but thank Vevmo for breaking the news.

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