Johnny Bananas Crashes Stage at MTV TV & Movie Award

From Key West to Kanye West, Johnny Bananas may have finally crossed a line.

According to reports from the MTV & TV and Movie Awards filmed this weekend, Bananas rushed onto stage when The Challenge lost the “Reality Royalty” award to Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Bananas appears to have talked over cast members of Love & Hip-Hop who were on stage to accept the award. Some cast members tried to remove Bananas, others were confused and didn’t actually know who he was.

According to Bananas (allegedly), The Challenge paved the path for Love & Hip-Hop, and this was MTV’s network to acknowledge the show.

Apparently MTV is furious and may edit his rant out of the final broadcast. So much for live television.

In my opinion, Bananas is doing God’s work. I approve.


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