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Two Episodes In: Is Real World Atlanta Worth It?

Now that we’ve had two episodes of Real World Atlanta, the Facebook Watch exclusive has left its impression on audiences. If you’re still on the fence about this show, here’s how the show seems to resonate with longtime fans.

The biggest thing to know about this season is that it’s very socially conscious. If you’re interested in conversations about racial inequalities, gay rights, or political views then this season is going to interest you. Many of the people in the house have diverse backgrounds, though the white cast members are overly plain (in terms of their backgrounds). All three of them have conservative backgrounds and are don’t have anything in the background that would marginalize them. However, they seem to respond to racial conversations like real people. Unlike a season like Go Big or Go Home, the white cast members seem to be open to other perspectives and at least respect others as humans. Granted, they’re still in the process of being exposed to diversity, but they’re also not totally closed-off from learning. They may get frustrated, but they’re also not trying to ostracize their roommates.

For this reason, it feels like the people of color are educating people who have a lot of learning to do, but will be receptive to education. All of the POCs are very diverse and out-spoken, which is great, but it also shows the direction of the season. I think episodes are going to be focused on social issues moving forward over the roommate dynamic.

If you’re someone who loved seasons like Real World Austin or Las Vegas, you might not like this season. Romances seem to be secondary and drunken drama doesn’t seem to be that important. We see it, but those stories seem to be rushed.

After twelve thirteen seasons of hour-long episodes, returning to the half-hour episodes feels really weird. Episodes go by quickly and the storylines seem half-baked. However, this feeling isn’t exclusive to this season. If you watch an old season, you’ll see that the quick pace was normal for the first fifteen years of The Real World’s life. If you’re on old school fan, this may feel comfortable. If you’re accustomed to the pace of The Real World or The Challenge from 2008-present, this is a change of pace.

The worst thing about the season: the editing. Not referring to the pace, I’m more referring to the fact that the episodes are set up to mimic a Livefeed with comments popping up and quotes being emphasized:

This gets irritating after a while and doesn’t seem to add much to the show.

Still, I maintain that this season is a show worthy of a chance. Thus far, this is not the worst Real World season. It’s probably far from the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. However, the first couple of episodes are really bland when compared to the first episodes from prior seasons. They go by quickly, and it’s not hard to get through the first episodes. Especially when you consider that it’s on Facebook and entirely free.

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  1. I like how they’re going back to basics and cast wow you have a DACA person whose a mom, three Trump supporters including a bi black guy (go figure), muslin woman, and a black activist. Don’t know what to call Tovah. Interesting cast.

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