The Challenge

10 Most Ridiculous Fights on The Challenge

The Challenge has given us a lot of fights, with some being more substantial than others. We’ve seen lives altered due to the fights on The Challenge and many people have gone home because of their social drama.

Then, there are these fights. The ones that are rooted in pure BS. The ones that make you question why you watch the show. These ten fight have to be someone of the reality TV moments with the least substance ever.

Tonya Throws Beth’s Clothes in the Pool

So Beth tells Robin that Tonya was messing around with Mark. Robin has just broken up with Mark, and Beth meddled with a fresh wound. Robin got mad, called out Beth, nothing too wild. Then Tonya gets mad at Beth for telling Robin stories about her and Mark. Beth avoids Tonya, but Tonya throws Beth’s clothes in the pool to get Beth’s attention.

Here’s the kicker: Tonya brought photos of herself and Mark to Mexico. She knew Robin would be there. She knows Beth likes to talk, but she showed the pictures to Beth. And she had to get these pictures developed because this was 2004. Tonya went out of her way to introduce this drama into the house… then she got mad about drama being brought into the house? What?

Isaac’s Disappearing Toenail

Landon is a good competitor. Aside from a partying a little too much, he’s seldom doing anything too bad. So one night during The Duel 2 he sees Isaac passed out and clips Isaac’s toenail. Why? Because Isaac decided he wanted to grow a really long toenail and that nail got disgusting. While I’d expect nothing less from Isaac, there’s no logic to any decision in this scenario. Then, Isaac calls Landon into The Duel on this basis. Hope he enjoyed his flight home.

The Plunger In Katie’s Bed

I understand that there’s a lot of downtime on the show, and people do some petty pranks. However, Katie’s reaction to finding a plunger in her bed is one of the more memorable and absurd moments in the show’s history. Kenny or Evan puts a plunger in Katie’s bed. They try to blame the Challenger team, but everyone knows they’re the culprits. So, Katie freaks out on their friend Sara
h because she laughs at the incident. This results in a verbal lashing and Katie banging a plunger around. But, if nothing else, Katie is self-aware enough that she sees the humor by the time she has to go into her confessional.

Family Feud

OK, I admit this fight stems from a more sincere place as Brianna was considering quitting Bloodlines and Jenna didn’t want to have to leave. So, in a rare moment, Jenna gets personal and lays most PG insults on Brianna possible. She states Brianna only has a job at the bakery because her dad owns the bakery. She also says Brianna was only dating her current boyfriend because that guy bought her ice cream. The two argued and cried, but everyone else was laughing.

Simone’s Weak Ass

I know this fight stemmed from other issues, but Simone’s exchange with Ashley was so ridiculous that it wouldn’t be taken seriously. Firstly, we know Simone just wanted attention. Secondly, Ashley wasn’t wearing pants. So when Simone was called a “weak ass” everyone agreed because she actually tore her butthole while gyrating on a soapy bar during a challenge. When the integrity of someone’s anus comes into question, there’s so way to take the conversation seriously.

Kailah Wets the Bed

Cory is known to be a player on The Challenge who can drop girls as quickly as he picks them up. Kailah, despite knowing his reputation, admits she thought she’d be different. She was not, Cory dropped her the first night the Underdogs moved into the Oasis on Invasions. Not because he moved onto a new girl. Instead, Kailah had too much to drink and wet the bed at night. In all honesty, these things are embarrassing and can happen to anyone. The fact that Cory made such a huge deal speaks to his intent with their relationship, though it is pretty gross. It’s also quite comical to think these two had a chance but Kailah literally peed all over the relationship.

Ashley’s Toilet Seat at Sea

At one point during Invasions, after a challenge involving spicy curry, Bananas thought it’d be a funny idea to take Ashley’s toilet seat and put it on a pool float then send it off to sea. Was it funny? Yes. But Ashley lost her cool and threatened to quit the show. She said she was sick and her toilet seat was her one form of relief. To be fair, I have to appreciate Ashley’s honesty and I do know people are more sensitive when they’re sick. But, this was all over a toilet seat.

Bananas Feathers Tony

Another one of Banana’s dumb pranks gone too far. And once again, I admit it’s kind of funny, but we totally didn’t need to watch this fight unfold. Bananas put feathers on Tony’s head as he sleeps. Tony then gets mad at Bananas for embarrassing him… which is the intent after all. Then Tony calms down and admits it was funny. This would be harmless enough, but we only had to watch this because MTV wanted to drag out Dirty Thirty as much as possible and this footage was used as main house footage on an episode centered around Redemption. Plus, Bananas pulled the same prank 8 years ago on The Ruins when Derrick was the victim. Evan defended Derrick in that case saying “who brings feathers to Thailand? What are you? A drag queen?”


On the Challenge, decent/familiar foods are a luxury. So, getting pizza is a treat and I understand that Brad wanted everyone to get their share before people were getting seconds. That part of Brad and Marie‘s argument is somewhat understandable. When Marie threw a pizza on top of Brad & Britni during their sexy time, pizza and offered ask if that wanted a “pizza me,” the argument went from understandable to unnecessary. The two argued over pizza, and now the Challenge cast will probably never have pizza delivered again.


Cory spiking Tony onto the ground was waaaaay unnecessary and the ensuing arguments were rooted in some validity. It’s Cory’s reasoning for being mad at Tony that really makes this one big joke. Apparently Cory got up momentarily while riding on the bus, sat down and crushed his leftover pasta, and Tony threw the pasta out of the car window. Mind you, both of these men are fathers and have been friends in the past. I’d expect this behavior on a middle school bus… which is actually a comparable level to the maturity of The Challenge most of the time.


  1. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while reading one of your articles. As soon as I saw the Simone one I just remembered Sarah saying “Simone’s torn butthole” again and again. 😂

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