Ex on the Beach

Nelson and Angela to Appear on Dr. Phil

More news on Final Reckoning/ Ex on the Beach stars Angela Babicz and Nelson Thomas. The two are going to appear on Dr. Phil.

Why? Who knows, their relationship has had numerous issues.

The two met on Final Reckoning but briefly dated after Ex on the Beach 2. Since then, they have been making very public statements about each other.

Rumor has it, Nelson was not exclusive with Angela and Angela only found out because fans messaged her online. Rumor also has it that Angela exposed the fact that Nelson had been arrested in late 2018. Common sense revealed that the relationship was fabricated for television and to get the two more attention.

Clearly there are some issues there. Maybe their appearance will have to do with their tumultuous relationship. Or, if the show is going to be really interesting, Dr. Phil could help the two deal with their obsession for attention.

Either way, something will be coming soon!


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