The Challenge 35: Rumors & Speculation

Who’s ready for another season? Because MTV is.

Early calls have gone out to potential Challengers. Below are a list of people who are believed to have received a call. Keep in mind, many people only get the availability call. Some people do not progress past this and will not be asked onto the final show.

I will be updating this post as information becomes available. Please check back.

Vevmo also has a list going, check that out.

Possible Cast Members

Johnny Bananas (The Challenge)

Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)

Leroy Garrett (Real World: Las Vegas)

Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18)

Rogan O’Connor (Ex on the Beach UK)

Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2)

Dee Nguyen (Geordie Shore)

Jenna Compono (Real World: Ex-Plosion)

Kam Williams (Are You the One? 5)

Nany Gonzalez (Real World: Las Vegas)

Contacted (Could go either way)

Amber Martinez (Are You the One? 8)

Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17 & 18)

Esther Falana (BKChat London)

Gus Smyrnios (Floribama Shore)

Haileigh Broucher (Big Brother 20)

Jennifer West (Survival of the Fittest UK)

Jenny Marie (Are You the One? 8)

Kaitlyn Herman (Big Brother 20)

Kayleigh Morris (Ex on the Beach UK)

Kenya Scott (Are You the One? 7)

Mattie Lynn Breaux (Party Down South)

Morgan Willet (Big Brother: Over the Top)

Natalie “Ninja” Duran (American Ninja Warrior)

Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18)

Nicole Bass (Ex on the Beach UK)

Tori Deal (Are You the One? 4)

Tulsa “Big T” Fazakerley (Shipwrecked UK)

Zahida Allen (Ex on the Beach UK)

Brett Robinson (Big Brother 20)

CT Tamburello (Real World: Paris)

Fasal “Fessy” Shaffat (Big Brother 20)

Jordan Wiseley (Real World: Portland)

Samuel Bird (Ex on the Peak US, Love Island UK)

Tony Raines (Real World: Skeletons)

Zach Nichols (Real World: San Diego)

Georgia Harrison (Love Island UK)

Stephen Bear (Various UK shows)- Georgia and Bear are rumored to have been taken off the show due to their recent scandals that are inconstant with MTV “values.”

Unlikely to Appear

Amanda Garcia (pregnant)

Arely Avitua

Darrell Taylor

Faith Stowers (pregnant)

Frank Sweeney (said he wasn’t going to be on, asked production not to contact him)

Kailah Casallis (New job starting)

Laurel Stucky

Theo Campbell (injured)

Wes Bergmann

Yasmin Almokhamad (Said she wasn’t interested)


2 thoughts on “The Challenge 35: Rumors & Speculation

  1. I wonder what’s more sad the speculated cast so far are all from war of the worlds 2 or the fact that this will be johnnys 20th season

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