Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 2

Idris is back on Team UK, and we’re back for another challenge.

1. Cryptic Messaging 

The teams arrive for their challenge, but Team UK is informed Zahida is gone. Her grandmother passed away, so she needs to be with her family. This leaves Team UK down 2 people, meaning two people will need to swim twice in Cryptic Crossbow. This challenge requires players to swim and retrieve tiles. They then put the tiles on a grid, using the correctly solved tiles to form a code. Then, one player swims out to retrieve a cryptex and the code is entered into the cryptex to win the challenge. Unsurprisingly, Team US blows the UK out of the water. They swim faster, put their puzzle pieces on the board quicker and Jordan get the cryptex faster. They win, but Wes goes to the hospital due to an illness… allegedly.

2. Kam, Saw, Conquered

TJ asks for a speaker to step up and form the Tribunal. Zach suggests a vote, but before that happens, Kam takes the position. She picks Ashley and Paulie to join her. Apparently she has her reasons for picking those two, and it quickly become clear she wants to form an alliance with Paulie. The rest of her team grows suspicious. Why does she just get to assume the position like that?

3. Rookie Revolt

Georgia decides to be the nice person and tell Big T she will likely be sent to the Proving Ground, and she will need to defend herself. If not Big T, Esther will likely go in. Big T is confused, why aren’t Nicole and Jenny being considered as they’re also rookies? Word gets to Kayleigh who’s pissed as well. Just because Nicole is Georgia’s “mate” doesn’t mean she gets a free pass to the final. Kayleigh speaks up for Big T, but ultimately Big T gets voted in. The Tribunal she asks Big T who she’d like to compete against. Big T says anyone but Jenny, and the Tribunal appreciate Big T’s time (at least Big T was shown more respect than Sean).

4. Losing Faith

Faith War of the Worlds 2

The UK kids are loud and stay up all night. This makes it difficult to get sleep, and Faith asks the guys (Theo, Bear, Kyle) to be quiet. Nope, they keep talking. So, once they go to bed, Faith wakes up the boys military style… or Josh BB19 style. She bangs pots and pans then argues with them. They’re annoyed, but the whole house wakes up in the process. Everyone goes back to bed, but at the Proving Ground we find out that Faith left the show. BYE.

5. Light My Fire

Georgia The Challenge MTV

The Tribunal votes in Georgia to face Big T in Firestarter. The goal is to push a cart with a large torch atop it and ignite your opponents fuse first. This proves to be very physical and Big T and Georgia are battling for almost two hours. Control seems to shift, but Georgia manages to get control and light Big T’s fuse. This sends Big T home and Georgia choses to return to her UK team.


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