Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 4

Prepare to get fired up.

1. Running the Game

Johnny Bananas War of the Worlds 2

The challenge is called Relic Runner. Teams must run up a hill and deposit relics without the relic touching the ground. Each competitor has two relics, and if a relic touches the ground the player must start over. While this happens, the opposing team is able to spray their opponents with a fire hose, throw balls, and roll down in zorbs. Team UK goes first and the US targets the weak players. Nicole drops one relic, but other than that their run is fairly smooth. Then Team US goes and we realize it’s going to be one of those seasons. Bananas and Laurel have decided to throw the challenge. Everyone gets their first relic up the hill easily, but the second run is a mess. Ninja drops her relic when a zorb hits her, a genius mistake. Meanwhile Bananas “trips” and knocks Ashley down on the way. Ashley freaks out and quits, giving Team UK their first win. The divide in Team US is clear, and Paulie is not happy.

2. Two Tribe Tribunal

After some debate, Dee become speaker at the Tribunal and selects Idris and Georgia to join her. When Team US arrives, all hell breaks loose. Cara Maria accuses Laurel of sabotaging the team with no reason. Laurel doesn’t deny the sabotage, but she cites Wes as the divider due to his conversation Laurel heard last week while “sleeping.” Laurel has identified Cara Maria, Ashley, Ninja, Kam and Paulie as Wes’s affiliates. Despite the arguing, Laurel had put in work to politic. She recruited people like Zach and Ashley to vote in Ninja, and with some convincing they do this. This blindsides Ninja who claims she doesn’t “deserve” to go into elimination. Regardless, Ninja is the Team USA pick.

3. Buried Secrets

After the Tribunal, Bananas and Laurel are talking about the divide in Team US. Kam hears the conversation and steps in to tell Laurel she wasn’t making deals with Wes before coming into this season. Laurel insists Kam was and Kam tells Laurel she’s not scared of her. The girls go back a forth until Laurel accuses Kam of talking to Cara Maria before the show. Kam replies with “what if I was?” and this is all the confirmation Laurel needs. Kam’s story is changing and Laurel is convinced Kam was working with Cara.

4. The Rise and the Fall

At the Proving Ground, Team UK votes Laurel to compete against Ninja. It’s not unanimous, with Georgia trying to take a stab at Cara Maria. Regardless, Ninja is thrilled. It’s a climbing elimination. She is a climber after all. The game is called Branched Out, and it requires players to take 21 pegs and place them in holes, climbing their way to the top of a tree. People expect Ninja to dominate, but Laurel is keeping pace. In fact, Laurel seems to have the lead. She puts her final peg at the top of the tree. Laurel rings the bell, TJ blows the horn, and she descends.

5. No Peg to Stand On

Laurel is gloating in success, but Ninja is confused because her tree doesn’t have a hole for a peg at the very top. She inspects the tree and realizes she missed a hole at the very bottom. She then notices that Laurel did too. Ninja puts her last peg in that hole, climbs the tree, and rings her bell. Despite TJ blowing the horn, Ninja win because she put all of her pegs in the correct holes. Laurel is sent home and Ninja tell her that on The Challenge we play “fair.”


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