Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Does Team UK Stand a Chance?

Three episodes in, and we’ve seen 3 victories from Team US. It seems like one team is dominating War of the Worlds 2 so far, but this is not a unique situation. If you look at seasons like The Ruins, The Inferno, The Gauntlet 3, or Bloodlines we saw one side dominate most of the challenges on a season.

It may be early, but it seems like Team UK isn’t in a great position.

We need to consider the composition of the teams. Team US is made up of all stars. People like Cara Maria, Ashley, Kam, and Laurel have demonstrated their dominance in eliminations or missions. Tori is debatably the worst US girl (ever since Faith left) and she’s regarded as a pretty good Challenger. The same can be said for the men. Every guy has been to a final aside from Josh. All of them have their strengths.

Team UK is a different can of worms. The guys are definitely strong. Theo did well last season, Joss did great on Final Reckoning, and Kyle is a social butterfly. Rogan and Idris seem to show promise this season and they seem capable of beating the US guys. To be honest, the issue lies with the UK girls. Jenny is a physical specimen, but aside from her, Georgia is the only girl who has shown real strength. Kayleigh hasn’t been too impressive yet, and Esther and Nicole don’t really have a lot of athletic abilities.

Last week we saw some drama emerge between Theo and Rogan and Kayleigh and Georgia/Nicole. The one thing Team US has working against them: they were a political mess. If Team UK is sloppy as well, they really don’t have a chance. At this point they’ll only start winning if production starts skewing challenges in their favor.

Of course, the season is still young. We have yet to see a Turncoat yet. If one of the strong Americans decides to work with the UK the whole climate of the game could change. This would take a lot, because this American would be choosing to work with the less dominant team.

If we’re being honest, production didn’t assemble the strongest UK team. But, there is time for things to change… and I hope they do. 90 minutes is a long time for episode where all the action happens in the elimination.

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