Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 5

Ninja’s back, and she won’t stop talking about karma.

1. Civil War

We start the episode with Team US in shambles. Now that Laurel is gone, the speaker at the Tribunal is a controversial subject. One one side we have Bananas, Leroy, Nany, Jordan, and Tori. On the other we have Cara Maria, Ninja, Paulie, Kam, and Ashley. A couple of players lie in the middle, and both Bananas and Paulie are trying to get Josh’s support. Josh freaks out (surprise!) and claims he has his own mind. Ultimately, he gives support to nominating Paulie as a speaker after Paulie agrees that he will not vote for a member of Team US. Now, Team US just has to win the challenge.

2. Water Logged

This week’s challenge is called Hooked and it is a format we haven’t seen in ages. Two teams compete, but they race individually and the lowest cumulative time wins. Of course, this is a heights over water challenge. Players must jump from a cliff and try to hook themselves to a ring. If hooked successfully they’ll be able to zipline into the water. If they miss, they’re harness is still attached to the zipline so they just it the water slightly sooner. Then, it’s a swimming race. We start off with Ninja doggy paddling and posting an awful time. This annoys Zach who accuses her of throwing the challenge. Then, everyone else goes and it seems most of the good competitors suck at swimming. Jordan gets the fastest male time and Jenny gets the fastest female time, but Team US wins.

3. Un-united Kingdom

At the Tribunal, Paulie is joined by Cara Maria and Jordan. Team UK is in shambles, and Theo starts the discussion with a long rant. The point of the rant: he’s a good player and Rogan should be sent in. Theo’s main point being that Rogan was the first person off of Vendettas. Rogan sets his target on Theo, claiming he’s a reckless player and causing drama on the team. Ultimately, the team votes and Theo is sent in. When speaking with the Tribunal, he says he’d take on anyone on his team aside from Bear. Team US says they’ll consider his opinion, but will they really have their own plans in mind.

4. Backstabbing Friends

Cara Maria’s plan: send Bananas into elimination. She has a decade of experiences on The Challenge and she knows he plays a selfish game. He’s caused havoc on Team US so far, she it’s time to make a move against him. Jordan is not on board and knows Paulie agreed to send in a member of Team UK. He assumes Paulie will honor his word, but at the Proving Ground it appears things have changed. Jordan votes in Rogan, Cara votes in Bananas, then Jordan says he is going to take a crack at the strongest member of Team UK: Johnny Bananas. This puts Bananas into an elimination against Theo.

5. Rolling the Die

The elimination is called Die for Me and competitors find themselves in the middle of a huge die. They must roll the die down a lane and deposit seven balls in the correct holes. Each ball and hole is labelled 1-7 in Roman numerals, and once each is deposited the player must roll back to the start. Both guys struggle to get the rhythm, and once they do it becomes a neck-to-neck game. Theo takes the lead, then Bananas catches up, but Bananas deposits his seventh ball first. Then, TJ lets Bananas know he switched ball six and seven and must correct his error… oddly specific advice. This gives Theo the lead and he rolls to the finish line, sending Bananas packing. He returns to Team UK while Bananas must fly back to the US.

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  1. Excellent! Loved every minute of this elimination. I think Banana’s reign is finally over for good. He is no longer in charge of The Challenge. It’s about time.

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