Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Has Josh Ruined His Game on War of the Worlds 2?

Team USA has no rookies on it this season. Everyone has at least on Challenge under their belts, but a few people only have one. Josh, Ninja, and Faith returned to War of the Worlds 2 to compete in their second season. Faith left and Ninja had to compete to survive this week. Meanwhile, Josh has managed to get some power and make a few waves so far.

As a competitor, he’s been completely unremarkable. He hasn’t stood out, but he hasn’t failed either. He’s just middle-of-the-road. Yet he was nominated at “speaker” for the Tribunal after episode 3 where he made some waves by voting Wes into elimination. Somehow, Josh had enough support from his teammates to be selected for the Tribunal and he immediately drew a line in the sand when he got power. Now, ever moves have been made and lines have been drawn in the sand, is he screwed?Really, Josh is in a unique position this season. He was bottom of the totem pole the second he arrived in the house. He’s going to be viewed as the weakest male and he’s the opponent guys want to compete against in the Proving Ground. So, making big moves can only make him more valuable. As a part of the team, he’s disposable. As a member of a smaller alliance, his vote is valuable. He can really do whatever he wants, because people will always consider him disposable.

Notice how Laurel paid he price of causing division on her team. As a competitor, she’s valuable and should be preserved. That is, until she starts playing a cutthroat game. Meanwhile, Josh is going to be preserved in case someone needs an easy elimination win or a Purge pops up. He’s not the type of person who will carry a team to victory.

So Josh will keep being reckless. He’ll be the last person on his alliance to get picked off by other members of Team USA. But, he can easily be scarified when a twist emerges. This could allow him to skate to the ends of the game, but it could also be his downfall. Regardless, he can make whichever political moves he wants. There will always be bigger fish to fry.

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