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10 Most Forgettable Challengers from the Past Decade

This week, we saw Nicole depart as the sixth person eliminated from War of the Worlds 2. Many viewers found themselves asking the same question when she left:


Nicole was barely shown on the season, and when she was shown she was just an accessory to Georgia’s story line.

Here are some of the most forgettable Challenge debuts from the past decade. This article only looks at people who debuted this decade, so 2010 and after. Earlier Challenge seasons were more forgiving to mellow personalities, but as the show progressed it became increasingly important to establish a name for yourself on the show. Still, these people will go down in Challenge history as…. just kidding. They’re basically erased from Challenge history.

To be clear, I’m not including Eddie intentionally. He was deliberately edited out of Vendettas, which is so unique that it makes him more memorable than anyone on this list.

10. Jill Tuttle- Battle of the Bloodlines

Cohutta’s time on Bloodlines was much shorter than anticipated and much shorter than we wanted. In turn, his cousin took an early flight back to Georgia with Cohutta. She looked like she should be strong, but she really just sat on the sidelines while Cohutta lost. A victim of a bad format and a nice personality.

9. Nicole Bass- War of the Worlds 2

Coming into War of the Worlds 2, Nicole fell in the middle of a pre-established alliance and could barely compete. As a result, she was carried by that alliance and silenced by that alliance. On episode 4, we first hear her voice. On episode 6 we saw her fade away. Her entire personality on the show was based on her BFF Georgia, who has made quite a name for herself.

8. Priscilla Mendez- Battle of the Exes

Being an early boot is never good for your Challenge legacy, but Priscilla had a lot working against her. Her partner Nate was worse than her, so her mediocrity gave her no attention while Nate’s clumsiness gave him more camera time. Plus, no one wanted to see Nate & Priscilla as the San Diego pairing on Battle of the Exes, so why focus on those two?

7. Anthony Cuomo- Battle of the Bloodlines


By the time Bloodlines rolled around, everyone wanted to see Kellyanne return. To get her on the show she needed a Bloodline. Welcome Anthony, Kellyanne’s cousin who befriended Bananas and breathed a lot of Turkish air. At least he allowed Kellyanne to come back.

6. Hailey Chivers- Battle of the Exes 2

You would never know this, but Hailey almost won the first challenge on Exes 2 with Thomas. They were one of three teams to complete the rope walk. They then made it to the second episode and got eliminated for performing exactly as you’d expect. However, she did perform some impressive conjoined cartwheels with Jenna. So there’s that.

5. JP Andrade- War of the Worlds

The sole representation for Brazil on War of the Worlds, he showed Americans that not all Brazilians are like Camila. He was quiet and camera repellent. He was also paired with Natalie Negrotti who received about 3 seconds on camera time on War of the Worlds.

4. Shaleen Sutherland- War of the Worlds

Shaleen’s most memorable moment was her introduction where she said “you may remember me from a little show called The Bachelor Canada.” No Shaleen. No one in America watches The Bachelor Canada and even if they did, you were eliminated first.

3. Anika Rashaun- Invasion of the Champions

Anika came from the forgotten Real World season that killed the franchise: Bad Blood. She left on episode 2 in a likely rigged elimination. That’s all we saw.

2. Jeff Barr- Fresh Meat 2

Jeff was paired with Paula, who was the fourth most important person in Kenny’s alliance. They lasted three episodes and he might of hooked up with Paula. If that’s your most memorable moment, then you’re really not unique. Sleeping with Paula makes you one of many guys who drinks twelve beers and works out for two hours daily.

1. McKenzie Coburn- Battle of the Seasons

If you say “the fourth member of Team New Orleans” everyone knows you’re referring to McKenzie, even if they don’t remember her name.
Honorable Mentions:
Chuck Mowery- Final Reckoning- Fought with Britni, but he never even competed so he kind of escapes memory.
Emily Reese- Battle of the Bloodlines- Barely any screen time, but she only lasted one episode and did perform moderately well.
Sydney Walker- Fresh Meat 2- Lasted half way through the season. Basically threw away her game for CJ’s sake.
Sean Lineker- War of the Worlds 2- Team UK immediately sacraficed him on War of the Worlds 2. It was kind of sad.
Lacey Buehler- Battle of the Seasons- Will forever be remembered for having the longest gap between The Real World and her Challenge debut.
John Jacobs- Battle of the Exes 2- He did have a couple of funny jokes, as did Simone, but they were competitive uselessness.
Heather Marter- Battle of the Exes- She’ll be remembered from The Real World, but she was a casuality to Dustin’s injury on Exes.
Alan Valdez-War of the Worlds- “The guy who broke his hand.” Oh yea, that guy on War of the Worlds.
Victor Arroyo- Vendettas- He half fought with Shane, but he’ll really just be remembered for being such a let down.
JD Ordonez- Cutthroat- He’s lucky he came back on Seasons, because I don’t remember a thing he did on Cutthroat.


  1. This must be spot on, because I forgot about all of them until seeing it. Nicole will be erased from memory within a year too.

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