Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Paulie Posts Threats to Cast Members… Kind Of?

Big Brother alumni and Papa Roach’s biggest fan Paulie Calafiore has taken to social media to scare some of his cast members.

Last last week, he posted an Instagram video with the Papa Roach song “Getting Away with Murder,” and the captions “Save this and send it to your favorite cast mates… tell them that I’m coming for their heads…… One. By one. By one.” In the video he just nods around and signals a gun shooting with his fingers.

This video came at a very specific time. This weekend, the War of the Worlds 2 reunion filmed. Perhaps Paulie was sending a warning that he’d be ready to fight at the reunion?

On Sunday Oct. 6th, 2019 he followed up the video with a second video. This time he featured a different Papa Roach song “Broken Home.” In this video he writes “Run along now scared little boys, I’m still come for you.” He spends the bulk of the video laughing.

Some people view these videos are jokes, some people think he’s referring to the game, but most people are just confused. Perhaps he’s taking his love of The Joker a bit too far? Or maybe he really does want to seek revenge.

We may get some clarity when the reunion airs, but the videos are definitely a poor choice on his behalf. While I don’t view these as serious threats of violence, a rational person would not post this. Any school or employer would have to view these videos as potential threats. At the reunion we may find that some cast members do get real death threats from fans, so these types of videos do not sit well.

At the end of the day, this is just Paulie being Paulie. But if something ever does happen, and Paulie is involved, we can’t say there weren’t warning signs.


  1. Paulie is anything but rationale. After contestants go on Big Brother, that show leaves them mentally messed up. Then he goes on Ex-On the Beach before going on the Challenge. 3 mental shows finally got to someone.

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