Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the World 2: Top Moments from Episode 7

Another week in the jungle.

1. Against the Current

This week’s challenge is called Resilient River Run and the teams need to transport relics across a river. The catch? These relics are sacred and must be carried by the team atop a giant pyramid puzzle on a stretcher. The puzzle is not the most secure, so balance is required. Plus, there are two relics to this means there will be two trips required. Team US assembles the puzzle first, start to carry their puzzle down the river. Some of the girls run ahead of the stretcher to inform the team of surface changes in the river. Ashley uses her cheerleading skills to convey information well while Ninja fails to deliver instructions. Instead, she gets in Zach’s way and frustrates the team. Ultimately, Team US takes the lead and despite fumbling near the end they pull out another win.

2. Turbo Charged

Turbo Jordan Fight The Challenge

Despite winning, Team US is frustrated with one another and they spend their time after victory arguing. Turbo, who has an affinity for practicing his high kicks, kicks a relic off its podium. Jordan tells Turbo to stop and that he’s being annoying. This does not sit well with Turbo who charges at Jordan and says Jordan isn’t his father. Turbo is mad, but Tori jumps in to stop Turbo. Turbo states he wants to be speaker at the Tribunal so he can send Jordan into the Proving Ground. However, Zach gets to be speaker and selects Tori and Turbo to join him.

3. Friendship is a Sinking Ship

At the Tribunal, Turbo insists he’s still voting for Jordan. Zach and Tori roll their eyes, but they know this still gives them power. They listen to Team UK banter and Bear says Rogan should be voted in. Rogan then points the finger and Bear and the votes are close. This leaves CT and Idris to vote, but they don’t want to show their cards because they have been in the middle of two alliances. Ultimately, CT speaks up. He says he’s voting in Bear because Bear’s friends are keeping a certain group safe. He’s not a part of that group, and he needs to look out for his own safety. So Bear is going and asks the Tribunal to send in Rogan.

4. Apology Required

Turbo says he will only vote for a member of Team UK if Jordan apologizes to him. Jordan, surprisingly, is stubborn and won’t apologize. This is until Tori speaks to him. Tori says he needs to look out for both of them and Turbo’s behavior impacts her. So Jordan apologizes, but we all know it’s just to please Tori.

5. Hall Pass

At the Proving Ground, Team US votes. Turbo votes with his Tribunal and the result is Joss. This gives Bear a chance to overthrow the other alliance on Team UK, but it will also jeopardizes a strong player’s game. The elimination is called Whalloped. It’s basically Hall Brawl, but the “hall” is a curving series of paths. Bear and Joss meet in the middle and must get through the other. First to three victories wins. Joss takes the first win, but Bear is much stronger than anticipated. He exhausts his strength in the first round and Bear takes the second round. With a tied score, Joss steps up his game. This means Joss wins rounds three and four and takes the victory. Of course, he’s back on Team UK.


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