Paulie & Cara Maria Have Broken Up

Confirmed by Paulie on his Instagram Live, he has broken up with Cara Maria.

I’m only posting this because the words came from Paulie’s mouths. There have been a lot of rumor circulating about the two, and quite frankly, I don’t care. However, this is an official statement from one of the people in the relationship.

This news comes one day after Cara Maria took to Instagram Live and stating that Paulie never cheated. He couldn’t cheat. They were in an open relationship.

Today, Paulie claims he and Cara Maria are now better off as friends. He asked for privacy and understanding while they are going through a difficult time after he posting the video on a public social networking site.

Challenge season 35 will be filming soon, and both Paulie and Cara Maria are likely to be on the cast (unless something changes). We will see if they remain together as allies or if there is some bad blood that surfaces.

Beyond acknowledging the public statement, I wish Paulie and Cara Maria well. I hope they both find partners who enrich their lives, but I can’t say this news is a surprise.

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