Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Real World 31 & Dirty Thirty Star Amo Is Transitioning

Real World & Challenge alum Amo, born Christopher Ammon and called “Ammo” on Dirty Thirty, reveals they are have begun taking hormones and have started the transition process. In an interview with Us Magazine they revealed they are a couple of months into taking hormones and has changed their name to “Amo.” Based off of the name “Ammon” (their last name and a figure in the Mormon religion), Amo has taken the name “Amo” because it means love in many langues, a concept that aligns with their identity.

Every since being introduced in 2016’s Real World: Go Big or Go Home Amo has identified as genderqueer or non-binary. Amo has also identified as pansexual. Based on the article, though it is not outwardly said, Amo has adopted gender-neutral “they/them/their” pronouns.

Having seen Amo on a couple of shows, I feel this is an import aspect of their development and journey to personal discovery. If you saw their Real World season, you’d know they were once Mormon but have since left the religion. Now free of those restrictions, they are living in Nashville and have found support to explore their true identity.

This is great progress for Amo, and I am fully supportive of their journey. Though I do find one aspect of the discovery process a bit odd. In the Us article writer Travis Cronin states Amo’s identify clicked while filming a music video “which they play a Jesus who’s pansexual and in an open relationship with Mary and Joseph.

Well, whatever works I guess. Either way, I am proud of Amo. If nothing else, they have shown courage by living their truth on a daily basis regardless of the criticism.

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