Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Is Leroy Playing His Worst Game Yet?

As we’ve seen throughout the bulk of the season thus far, the real battles this season are within the teams. For Team US, this means there are two sides with a couple of floaters. In the middle is Leroy, but this week he had to make a decision. Would he work with Jordan/Tori and Josh or would he side with Cara’s Cult?

Most people would assume he’d work with Jordan and Tori. His best friend Bananas worked on this side of the alliance and his friend Nany is aligned with them. Surprisingly, he sided with Cara’s Cult. He claimed he wanted to play the game that was best for himself, and I can see why he’d want the numbers the come with Cara’s alliance. Pick this side means he has number working with him, but he’s also picked up some number working against him.

Now, Leroy has enemies. Jordan will want to target him, Theo will want to target him, and he’s probably severing his remaining ties with Zach. It seems that Leroy always plays a sloppy game when Bananas is out of the house. We’ve seen this on Exes 2 and on Vendettas. Once Bananas is gone, Leroy has to pick a new side and it’s usually not a side that is going to value him. Cara’s side will value Leroy over someone like Jordan or Josh (clear enemies), but there’s no way they’d sacrifice Jordan or Jogan for the sake of Leroy.

I’ve written about Leroy in the past. As much as I want to see him win, I don’t think he has the political game to make it to the end. Say what you will about Bananas, but Bananas will protect Leroy over almost anyone else in the house. Other alliances won’t, and they’ll view Leroy as a disposable number.

Truthfully, I think Leroy would have been better off sticking with Nany and Jordan. At least they’d respect his abilities. But, we can’t ignore that fact that he’s getting close with Kam again. She’s also part of the Cara Cult and she may fight for him to stay in the game. Kam is the only person in the alliance who will respect Leroy for anything more than his vote.

Time will tell if Leroy is truly playing an awful game, but it seems like he relies on Bananas to guide him through the competition. Without Bananas he seeks to find numbers in alliances that will cut him loose as soon as they need to. Can you really blame Cara if she views Leroy as disposable? Yes, he’s a vote right now, but he’s proven himself loyal to Bananas in the past. She has reason to doubt him, and he wouldn’t be working with her if Bananas remained in the game.

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