Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 10

Two people leave. Many people fight.

1. Fight and Flight

We resume in the middle of Jordan and Turbo’s fight. Jordan is mocking Turbo, and Turbo is ready to physically fight Jordan. Security steps in to hold Turbo back, but it takes four security guards to tame him. Meanwhile, Jordan sits back and watches Turbo get carried away. The rest of the house continues to argue. Turbo is taken to a hotel while Nany is upset that Turbo was taken advantage of. She confronts Ashley, who instigated this fight, and she cries when she talks to Zach. She feels people are taking advantage of Turbo’s lack of understanding and it is portraying Turbo in a negative light. TJ tells the cast that Tzurbo has already been warned about fights, and at the challenge it is revealed he was sent home.

2. A Dirty Game

Players compete in a game called Incoming where they must run into the mud and retrieve balls. There is a male and female heat and each round balls are decreased. If you don’t retrieve a ball, you’re eliminated. Due to the shortage of UK players, Ashley, Nany, and Paulie are randomly selected to sit out of the competition. In the male heat, UK takes a quick lead when Jordan is the first male out. They continuously eliminate US players, and in the final round Jogan ensures Leroy does not get a ball. This makes UK the winning male team. For the females, Ninja is the first eliminated. In a similar fashion, the UK girls maintain their lead until Cara Maria faces Kayleigh and Dee. The UK girls manage to hold down Cara and Kayleigh takes the final ball to victory. After much arguing, Kayleigh becomes speaker at the Tribunal and she selects Joss and Jenny to join her in the Tribunal.

3. What Happens in Thailand

Leroy finds himself the swing vote in the US deliberation. Cara Maria’s team wants to send in Tori while Jordan, Tori, and Nany set their target on Ninja because she’s the weakest. Nany tries to get Leroy to vote with her, but he wants to play a game that will benefit himself. Nany is frustrated, and at the Tribunal tensions come to a head. Leroy says he’d never vote in Nany, so he votes in Tori. This spirals into an argument between Nany and Leroy, but in the end, Tori is left to speak with the Tribunal. She says she’d like to face Ashley, because Ashley is a great swimmer and losing Ashley would hurt Team US. Tori also says she’d join the UK team if she wins.

4. Traiting Spaces

The UK girls were relieved to know they wouldn’t have to go into elimination, but Kayleigh sees things differently. If Tori wins in the Proving Ground and joins the UK, then Kayleigh’s alliance will not have power. So Kayleigh proposes the Tribunal vote in Georgia. The UK hold a team meeting discussing they’d vote in Ashley, but then Kayleigh comes to Joss and asks him to vote in Georgia. She wants Georgia to be caught off guards, but Joss is reluctant to vote in Georgia after holding a meeting to boost the UK team morale. At the Proving Ground, Jenny votes for Ashley, but Kayleigh shocks everyone by voting for Georgia. Georgia begs Joss to keep her safe, but he eventually votes her in.

5. On the Block

Tori is facing Georgia in a game called Blockbuster. In this game, the players stand of opposite sides of a wall made of blocks. Players have 90 seconds to push in as many blocks as possible, but when a block is pushed in the opponent has a protruding block. First to win two heats wins. In the first heat, Tori narrowly wins with only more more black than Georgia. In the second heat, the score is 6 to 7 again, so Tori wins the elimination. This leaves Tori with a decision: rejoin the US or join Team UK who just stabbed Georgia in the back. Tori says fuck it, she’s going to the UK. Finally, we have a turncoat!

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