Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Did Turbo Deserve to Be Sent Home from War of the Worlds 2

Oh how the mighty have fallen. After winning last season, Turbo has been sent home for semi-violent behavior on War of the Worlds 2.

We see some of his fight with Jordan, security holding him back, and then TJ announces Turbo has left the show. Things escalated quickly, but there is more to this story than production showed us.

Apparently Jordan and Tori had more of a hand in Turbo leaving than just instigating the fight. Yes, Jordan mocked Turbo, but for the most part Jordan was composed. Clearly Jordan was trying to get a reaction out of Turbo while Turbo was responding authentically to Jordan’s insults.

Apparently, production discussed the possibility of Turbo staying in the house with Jordan. Not only did Turbo try to fight Jordan, he allegedly threatened to kill him. This is not shown on TV, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Of course, I don’t think Turbo literally meant he’d murder Jordan. Turbo doesn’t speak great English and he probably knows the term “kill” as a slang term. I do think Turbo would have fought Jordan and he meant he’d “kill” Jordan in the sense that he’d defeat Jordan in the fight.

Jordan wasn’t going to send Turbo home, but Tori wanted Turbo gone. There’s no doubt that Turbo is a strong presence and he is hard to control when he’s riled up. Tori had seen Turbo come after Jordan twice and both times he was hard to contain.

Regardless of whether or not Jordan or Tori wanted Turbo gone, production has the final say. We hear Jenny say this is Turbo’s second warning and he this was the second time production was involved. This is really why Turbo went home. He had to be contained by security twice and this time it took four security guards to control him. He tried to charge past security and disregarded their warning. He is an especially high liability when all of the security guards in the house can’t contain him. In an interview with Jordan, he said Turbo’s “all-out-brawl” with security was the reason Turbo went home. Meanwhile, Jordan is just sitting on the couch with his legs crossed watching the fight.

So is Turbo’s disqualification consistent with prior DQs?

Kind of. The closest parallel is Nelson on Dirty Thirty. He got into a fight with Bananas in an early episode and tried to throw some failed punches but security intervened. Then he got into a fight with Derrick and shoved Derrick before security got involved. Just like Turbo, Nelson got one warning. Incident #2 meant a flight home.

Then there’s Paulie this season. Paulie got into a fight with Josh and later a fight with Theo. Both times, security came but Paulie did not go home.

Paulie fight war of the worlds

Is there a different between Paulie and Turbo? To the viewer, not much? The only real different is the fact that Paulie often gets into fights were security needs to be called. He’s also contained by security. Meanwhile, Turbo can charge through security.

Personally, I do not think Turbo should have been sent home. However, I see why production viewed him as a liability. Based on responses from viewers, I believe the inconsistencies between disqualification for violence are a concern. Many people understand that Turbo is strong and could have caused some serious damage. Then they see people like Vince on Rivals 3 who actually grabbed someone and got to stay in the house. They can even see some like Paulie in the same season who gets in multiple altercations and gets to stay in the house. If there were clearer rules surrounding violence, especially because the houses now have security, then viewers may be more understanding of Turbo’s departure. With these undefined rules, many people are upset with the circumstances surrounding Turbo leaving. It seems to open grounds for production to play favorites.


  1. There was an interesting comment on another blog that mentioned that one big differentiator between the Turbo fight and the others is that he was stone cold sober. It wasn’t like his behavior escalated because of alcohol, and therefore would minimize as he sobered up like other contestants.

    I also think there was a lot more action directed towards security than we saw. Regardless, I like Turbo a lot, and I’d hate to see him exit these challenges early because of fighting.

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