Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Was Tori Smart to Switch Teams?

It took 10 eliminations, but we finally got a Turncoat. Tori has left Team US and joined Team UK. Now that she’s on the team, she has may have to deal with a harsh reality: it was not a good move.

Tori anticipated going into the Proving Ground against a US girl, but Kayleigh and Joss threw Georgia into elimination. If Tori eliminated a US girl and joined Team UK, she would have had the majority if she worked with Theo, Georgia, Jenny, and flip-flopper CT. Now that Georgia is gone, Tori will remain in a minority. She’ll have Jenny and Theo as allies but CT will likely stick with the number and work along side Joss, Rogan, Kayleigh, and Dee.

In essence, Tori was first on the chopping block on Team US. She will be first on the chopping block on Team UK.

If you follow this season, you’ll know Jordan has been talking about making the leap from Team US to Team UK. Based on Tori’s ordeal, I would guess that Team UK would make Jordan face ones of the members in the minority alliance… so Theo. This would ensure that Joss/Rogan/Dee/Kayleigh maintain their numbers and skate further into the game.

In all actuality, Tori and Jordan will need to fight their ways through the rest of this game. They are capable and could eliminate people to earn spots in the final, but they will not have the easy ride that other competitors will have. “Cara’s Cult” AKA the majority alliance has done a great job of preserving numbers. This alliance has control on both teams, and people who are not in the alliance will have a tough fight for the rest of this game.

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