Diem Brown

Remembering Diem Brown: Five Years Later

Today marks the five year anniversary of Diem Brown’s passing.

For Challenge fans, her legacy still lives on, but it is important to remember as the fighter she was. Diem battled through three rounds of cancer and was very open about her journey. She documented everything, from her hair loss to her efforts to preserve her eggs. Her efforts portrayed the realities of fighting cancer and the importance of maintain hope throughout the battle.

Impacted by her battle, Diem started the non-profit MedGift with the goal of providing resources for people fighting health battles. The charity seeks to provide financial resources to help fighters start on a path of healing and return to daily life. Whether in need of a wig or a wheelchair, MedGift helps to relieve some of the financial hardships associated with recovery. Diem was involved with the charity during her life, and her spirit is ingrained in their efforts. If you are able to contribute, this is a great way to remember Diem and continue her legacy while providing resources to those in need.

The Challenge has never forgotten Diem, and today is a day to celebrate her accomplishments. We see her remembered when her sister Faith and CT appeared on Bloodlines to demonstrate a challenge. We also see her legacy during Invasion when CT celebrates her legacy during a festival of lights.

Faith Brown The Challenge

RIP Diem. She will always be remembered.

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