Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 12

Congratulations Jordan and Tori!

1. Party of One

Tori Jordan engaged

The cast returns from The Proving Ground and a newly engaged Jordan and Tori are ecstatic. Nany organizes an engagement party and the whole cast puts their drama aside to celebrate the love. There is one exception, Cara Maria. She refuses to attend even though Paulie can put the game to the side and enjoy the moment with Jordan and Tori. Tori believes Cara’s real beef is with Jordan, but she is also the only person in the house who can’t manage to separate the game from real life.

2. Winners, Losers, and Intentional Losers

Team UK has a plot brewing, and it becomes apparent during the Escape to Freedom challenge. In this game competitors must complete a 250 ft. obstacle course being pulled behind a boat. The teams have 2.5 minutes for as many players as possible complete the course, and one same-sex opponent from the opposing team can act as a guard. The UK girls go first, and Jenny is knocked off by Kam, but also pulls Kam into the water. Dee and Kayleigh complete the course while Tori just falls straight into the water. Then Team US goes and it’s almost deja vu. Jenny is the guard, and Kam is knocked off the course but pulls Jenny into the water. Ashley, Cara Maria and Ninja all finish. Then, the UK men go. Zach is guard and CT doesn’t even try to pass Zach. He just sits and plays rock, paper, scissors. CT exhausts all 2.5 minute for the UK men and make it apparent they are throwing the mission. US wins, Kam becoming speaker, and Leroy and Nany join her in the Tribunal.

3. Tribunal Wars

The Tribunal flies by: Tori’s voted in. The drama is really between Kam and Nany who are not on the same page. Both have relationships with Leroy and Kam feels Nany is trying to influence Leroy. The tensions come to a head after a night out when Kam tries to stop Leroy from talking to Nany. Nany confronts Kam for being possessive while Kam accuses Nany of trying to influence Leroy. The girls fight back and fourth, and Leroy is not happy about the tensions. Kam eventually apologize to Leroy, but Nany is hurt that her friend of 10 years would turn on her so quickly.

4. Dee Day

The UK men confess to see that they want her to go into elimination. Apparently the majority alliance AKA the Cult of Cara agree to send Dee in. CT want to be upfront and tells Dee that they’re thinking of sending her in. Dee is crushed and ugly cries, especially after Rogan tells her that she isn’t prepared to run a final. She feels like she has been played, but Rogan starts feeling bad. At the Tribunal, Nany votes in Kayleigh while Leroy and Kam send in Jenny. I guess the alliance can really do whatever they want.

5. The Long Hall

Jenny and Tori face off in Hawl Brawl, and Tori is determined to win even though she’s competing against “Arnold Schwarzenegger.” In the first heat, Jenny crouches down and tries to stop Tori. This is modestly successful, but it eventually becomes a sprint. After checking the tapes, Tori wins the first heat by 0.2 seconds. In the second heat, Tori slams into Jenny. This bounces Jenny back and seemingly disorients her. Jenny tries to grab Tori’s leg, but Tori inches closer to her bell. Tori rings it and wins her second elimination of the season.

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