Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Who Will Struggle Most in the Final?

We now know all of the people who will be present in the War of the Worlds 2 final. Throughout the season, many people have been identified as potential problems for the final while other people seem to be in great shape of the final. Here’s a look at all of the people who have made the final, and whether or not they will struggle or excel.

The lowest rankings are the people I anticipate will have the hardest time. The highest rankings are the people I anticipate will perform the best.

12. Dee

Dee the challenge

Despite doing better than expected in the swimming challenge, Dee hasn’t done much that is impressive this season. Her team seems to be surprised when she pulls her own weight, while other girls are able to compensate for shortcomings on their team. With Dee, endurance and swimming has come into question: both elements we see in most finals.

11. Rogan

Rogan the challenge

Similar to Dee, Rogan really hasn’t done anything exceptional this season. All he has done is tried to improve from his Vendettas performance, which he has, but that’s an awfully low bar. He is a good swimmer, but his incident on Vendettas is a huge red flag. The final will require endurance, and this is perceived to be Rogan’s biggest weakness.

10. Ninja

Ninja the Challenge

Ninja should really be lowest on this list, but her performance on War of the Worlds keeps her be being in the worst spot. However, Ninja has not meshed well with the team. She seems to do really well with climbing, speed, and some endurance. Other aspects of the final will be hard for her. The fact that she’s on a team with Zach is likely to cause friction, but it is likely some parts of the final will focus on her strengths.

9. Leroy

Leroy The Challenge MTV

If the final has any puzzles or swimming, Leroy will struggle. Lee is good, but finals haven’t always been his strong suit. His weaknesses will definitely be displayed in a final, but he does have pretty good endurance and strength.

8. Kam

Kam The Challenge

When it comes to the long sprints in the final, Kam will do well, but her weaknesses have been shown over her tenure on The Challenge. Eating has been a struggle and got her Purged on Final Reckoning. Puzzles can be a tricky spot, and swimming is hard for her. Some of Kam’s strengths put her way above average, but some of her weaknesses put her below average.

7. Zach

Zach Nichols MTV

Zach has done well this season, but he has also struggled in finals in the past. Think back to Free Agents, and we know he panics when he struggles. He’s not the best at puzzles (he lost Vendettas because of one), but his biggest struggle will likely be working with a team. When Zach does well, he’s almost unbeatable. When he tanks, he tanks hard.

6. Cara Maria

Cara Maria Sorbello MTV

Cara has been in a lot of finals, and the endurance is not an issue for her. She is above average in a lot of areas, and while she struggles in some areas her performance in swims or puzzles won’t destroy the team’s scores. Cara may have her weak points, but her strengths will compensate more than her weaknesses will cost her.

5. Ashley

Ashley War of the Worlds

There’s a reason Ashley has won both of the finals she appeared in. She’s not the strongest, the fastest, or the smartest. Still, she’s strong, fast, and smart. Ashley is a really well-rounded player, which is why she performs well in the final. Somehow, she contains Smashley and keeps her cool. Even if she doesn’t run the fastest, she won’t get derailed by swims, food, or puzzles.

4. CT


It’s no secret that CT isn’t in the best shape, but Champs vs. Stars 2 proved he can still hang with the new competitors. He also has some secret talents where others struggle. Eating? No problem. Puzzles? He’ll solve them. The things that slow most competitors down are CT’s biggest strengths, and that can be deadly for the competition.

3. Tori

Tori Deal MTV

Remember when Dee passed out? That’s because she was doing Tori’s workout regimen. Tori is in great shape and she’s been training. She can run, is the best female swimmer, and she’s proven she has great strength. She’s in her best shape ever to win a final, and now most girls fear her.

2. Paulie

Paulie MTV Challenge

Love him or hate him, Paulie has excelled this season. He’s in good shape and he has solid endurance. Puzzles don’t stop him, swims are great for him, and he is at least competent when eatings. His biggest concern would likely be the pressure of a final, because that’s likely what cost him in the War of the Worlds purge.

1. Jordan

Jordan Wiseley MTV

Is anyone surprised that Jordan is in the best shape of a final? He’s strong, he’s won two in the past, and he’s unstoppable in every competition. When random skills pop up in these games, Jordan does well. Perhaps it’s the one-hand thing, but he is learned to adapt to almost any situation.


  1. Reading this it dawned on me. Of the 12 people in the final, only four of them even went into an elimination this season (Ninja, Jordan, Tori, and Ashley). This shows this season was highly flawed. This format just allowed for big alliances to dictate everything and it didn’t even matter which team won the dailys (henceforth why CT was able to blatantly throw that one challenge with zero repercussions). I think they should bring back the system where last place goes in. That format always seemed the fairest.

    1. Definitely agree. I think next season will be more equal, but I like when the worst performer has to go in. Even if someone avoids elimination all season, at least it means they also avoided being the worst performer.

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