Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 14

We’re getting closer to the final… so I guess we’re shortening episodes to 60 minutes to make the season longer.

1. Strength or Numbers

Tori and Jordan on Team UK

After an impressive victory against Jenny, Tori has established herself as the strongest girl in the game. To her surprise, alliances seem to take priority. CT informs Tori that she’ll be voted into elimination, even if UK wins. With the final rapidly approaching, this frustrates Tori. She has performed well, but CT would rather take a weak player to the final just because the player has been an ally all season.

2. Hanging Tough

This week’s challenge is called Mine the Cart. Teammates must pull a cart suspended over the water while in pairs. The goal is to collect medallions while the clock is still running. However, one teammate can swim to retrieve a saw and cut the ropes, sending their opponents into the water early. Due to the imbalances in teams, some UK players go multiple time while the US is forced to make two girls designated swimmers. This basically ensures a UK victory because they have Jordan swimming for every heat. He is able to retrieve the saw and cut ropes early. Ashley swims quickly, but doesn’t know how to use a saw while Cara Maria is a slow swimmer so she doesn’t have enough time to cut the rope. In the end, the UK wins.

3. A Strong Betrayal

Final Team UK

CT becomes the speaker for the UK, and he recognizes how well Tori has performed. So, he says no one from Team UK is safe. Plus, he adds Tori to the Tribunal to further ensure her safety. Along with Rogan, TJ announces the Tribunal must vote one player into elimination right away. CT votes for Ninja, but Tori and Rogan send in Ashley. Meanwhile, Team US must vote in one girl, and Nany gets almost all of the votes. TJ collects Nany and Ashley, so they’re going in to elimination while the rest of the house will go to the final.

4. Running the Game

The final elimination is called Run for Your Life. The girls must deposit tiles to solve a puzzle. This requires them to take two long runs through the hilly Thai jungle. The race is close, Nany spends most of the run right behind Ashley. This changes when Ashley takes the wrong path an almost gets lost. She falls a couple of paces behind Nany, but when the girls get to the puzzle, Ashley figures it our right away. She puts the right pieces in the right places within 30 seconds and wins. Nany is the last person eliminated this season.

5. The Mountains Ahead

Ashley War of the Worlds 2

Ashley returns, but she has the opportunity to switch teams. When she comes back, she reveals she’d rather die than work with the snakes on the UK team. She’s back on Team US, but all of the finalists need to pack up. They’re going to the Himalayas.

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