Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Rogan & Joss: Cara Maria is “Miserable” and “Very Anti-Social”

Everyone’s favorite Brits have taken to People TV to talk about their War of the Worlds 2 cast mates, and they had some nice and not-so-nice things to say.

Joss and Rogan (AKA JOGAN) talked about cast mates like Cara Maria, Paulie, Dee, Georgia, Jordan, Kayleigh, Theo, Wes and Paulie. Mostly, they said things we already knew: Jordan talks too much shit and Paulie wants to be the Joker.

Their most interesting thing they said was that Cara Maria was miserable, which wass alluded to by her foes, but it seemed like Joss and Rogan were in her alliance. Cara protected Jogan throughout the season, and it seemed as if the two were on the same page.

Of course, the boys are doing this for publicity, and Cara Maria has admitted she wasn’t her happiest on War of the Worlds 2. People want to hear about Cara Maria’s misery, and Jogan want to remain in the public’s eyes, but it’s surprising to see them bite the hand that fed them last season.

Their interview is moderately interesting, and the two boys are in Las Vegas to do shows to Chip n Dale’s. If you’re in Vegas, stop by and see Jogan perform!


  1. I know a lot of people here who gonna say that I am a Cara Maria stan but I am tired and disgusted to see these Cara Maria hate article, tweet, story or regardless of how the hate is meant to Cara, to me I don’t know if I could handle these attack of social media attack but it definitely will be painful and hard to swallow, some people don’t realize that these attacks affect they’re real-life I know a lot of people who have committed suicide because of these cyberbullying attacks.
    I’m all for freedom of press/speech, but she’s an actual person. With actual feelings. How would you like it if someone made a list of people who don’t like you about you for a trumped-up reason, we need to learn to spread compassion and love, not hatred and negativity and I think these people who say nobody likes you, is basically cyberbullying.
    and finally, a confrontation is a 1 on 1 not 6 or 7 on 1 and the majority of them are just jealous of what she had accomplished and to me, that is like gaining up on someone and the majority of people who hate on Cara on the show are women…who care more about the drama than the competition, whereas the majority of the men have so much respect for her because she’s such a strong competitor.

  2. To all the CARA haters out there!! You can’t stop her no matter how much you try to bash her and shame her. She is still one of the best in the challenge.

  3. I have always been a Cara fan and agree that she is a great competitor. I also am completely against any type of bullying. I have watched Cara from the very beginning. I have to say that Cara has changed a lot in the past few years. She was always sweet and kind and a bit of an outcast but she handled it very well. She seems to have become very unhappy and bitter. I don’t like seeing her this way. To be honest, she seems to have changed since her breakup with Abe. Maybe coincidence.

  4. I really wish and pray for death to Joss sick mother so that she will join your alcoholic never rest in peace dad, he wanna come for cara for no reason when she never spoke Ill or bad about him, nor double-cross you as bananas do, nor did anything to him, but instead she had him and Rogan back all season despite she didn’t have to.

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