Every ‘Of Love’ Winner Ranked

Right now we’re in the middle of a dry season. We don’t have a lot of news coming out of MTV, but there’s been a small reassurance of news from an old VH1 franchise.

Lacey and Heather from Rock of Love started a podcast called “Talk of Love.” Megan Hauserman from Rock of Love 2, I Love Money, Rock of Love: Charm School, and Megan Wants a Millionaire has reappeared on Instagram. Episodes of Megan Wants a Millionaire have even started to appear on YouTube. If I had to guess, some contracts have expired, because these girls are talking and spilling a lot of stale tea.

WARNING: FULL SPOILERS BELOW THIS POINT. But you’ve had a decade to get caught up on this franchise. I don’t feel bad about spoiling anything.

If there was ever a franchise that could compete with The Real World and The Challenge, it was this. The shows are pseudo competitions, more focused on the drama and personalities. Competition was minimal, but this was late 00’s reality TV. This is the era that gave us Jersey Shore, and a time when any weirdo could get a spot in a VH1 show.

If I was blogging in 2008, there’s not doubt in my mind that I would have covered these shows as well. In early 2009 I cared more about I Love Money 2 than I did about The Duel 2. VH1 had an empire, the it all crashed down when one of their contestants became a murderer.

Thanks to Lacey, we now have confirmation of who won I Love Money 3: Ryan Jenkins. The Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant who murdered his wife. We also know TJ won Megan Wants a Millionaire thanks to Brandi C., though she believes Megan would have picked Ryan if it wasn’t for production’s influence.

With all of this news, I am going to do a one-off post. I am going to rank every winner from the “Of Love” franchise. This includes shows like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Real Chance of Love, I Love New York, and so on. I’m also including spinoffs like I Love Money and Charm School.

I will not include I Love Money 3, so assume it’s the lowest ranked season. The winner was a murderer, so that kinda ruins any merits he may have had in the game. I’m also not ranking Megan Wants a Millionaire because we never saw the full season. If I ever do get to see the full season then I might edit the list.

22. Nobody- Real Chance of Love

Kamal Chance Givens

There have been a lot of winners who never formed relationships with their partner, but this is also a show. We want to know who was the best amongst the competition. When Chance chose no one at the end of Real Chance of Love, it made the season feel like a waste of time. At least, he did reveal a preference for Risky at the reunion, but he should have just picked her. We all know there’s no commitment behind winning the show.

21. Mz. Berry- For the Love of Ray J 2

Mz. Berry for the Love of Ray J

A classy and mature woman, Mz. Berry represented the life Ray J hoped he’d have. He didn’t end up with Luscious, his typical girl, and he chose Mz. Berry. Why does this pick get the bottom spot? Because he completely burned Mz. Berry in the end. He never contacted her after the show, but he did party with people like Lucious and Cocktail after he picked Mz. Berry. It was embarrassing for Ray J and sad for Mz. Berry.

20. London- Daisy of Love

London Daisy of Love

London walked away from the show early into the season, but Daisy brought him back at the very end. Clearly there was some crazy sexual energy between the two, but it made the season feel like it was a waste. The relationship didn’t last and Daisy never got a second season.

19. Taya- Rock of Love Bus

Taya Rock of Love Bus

Throughout all of the “Of Love” shows, there was a running theme of contestants just coming on the show for fame. Undoubtedly, Taya was one of those people. She was a Penthouse model and seemed to trivialize that fact throughout the show. Taya is the girl who came on the show truly looking for publicity and managed to make it all the way to the end.

18. Brandi M.- Rock of Love: Charm School

Brandi M Rock of Love

When you think of controversial personalities from Rock of Love, Brandi M. isn’t that high on the list. She did grow during this season, but compared to other Charm School winners it wasn’t a huge improvement. Plus, all of her rude behaviors this season were directed toward Megan, but Sharon just swept those under the rug because she hated Megan.

17. Thing 2- Flavor of Love 3

Thing 2 Flavor of Love

Much like Mz. Berry, Thing 2 showed up at the reunion only to find out Flavor Flav had been seeing someone else behind her back. The difference between Mz. Berry and Thing 2 was the growth Thing 2 received from the show. It seemed this season allowed her to break out of her twin persona toward the end. She stood out as an individual in the second half of the season, and that is a good consolation prize for someone who got no love from Flav.

16. Hot Wings- Reach Chance of Love 2

Hot Wings Real Chance of Love 2

Finally, Chance picked a girl, and of course it’s someone who got her name because she worked at Hooters. Hot Wings had a lot of same qualities Chance embodied: loud, fun, and energetic. She was one of the girls who struggled to get a date, but once she did she fought for Chance. She was upset that she never had a relationship with Chance after the show, and that’s really production’s fault. Contestants aren’t allowed to contact their suitors until the reunion. The reunion never happened due to the cancellation of the franchise, and Chance was never able to contact Hot Wings after the show.

15. Jes- Rock of Love

Jes Rock of Love

There’s no denying that Jes embodied the rocker spirit just like Bret, but it seemed like there was a lack of connection between the two. Jes was really young, Bret was older, and the show was edited to make it look like Jes just had a hard time opening up. In retrospect, it’s obvious why this didn’t last, and he probably should have picked Heather.

14. Tango- I Love New York

Tango I Love New York

On paper, Tango seemed like a good match for New York. He was calmer than her, but had his moments as a hot-head. When watching the show, it seemed like New York was much more invested in Chance. Tango won in the end, but broke up with New York because New York made comments about Tango’s mothers. I don’t know how you could date New York and not expect her to throw some insults around. Even though New York said some rude things, Tango’s at fault here.

13. Kerry- Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair

Kerry A Basement Affair

This show was not good, mostly because it was the budget version of an Of Love show. It was also super predictable. Frank and Kerry had a connection on day one. Then she won in the end, but they didn’t stay together after the show. In all fairness, she was a good winner, she was just on an awful show.

12. Cocktail- For the Love of Ray J

For the Love of Ray J Cocktail

Cocktail really was not the star of her season, despite winning. Much of the season revolved around Danger and Unique, while Cocktail was essentially the spy of the house. I’m not surprised she won, and she honestly seemed like someone that could have fit into Ray J’s life, but he wanted another season more than he wanted Cocktail.

11. Mindy- I Love Money 4

Mindy Hall I Love Money 4

It was great to see Mindy get her moment to shine when she won I Love Money 4. She was always someone who seemed to have “runner up” written all over her, and this was her moment in the spotlight. As nice as that was, she was mostly a floater in the game. She was a strong female, but she didn’t hold much loyalty to either side in the game. Punisher made all of the big moves, but Mindy got the gold in the end.

10. Risky- Charm School with Rikki Lake

Risky Real Chance of Love

An absolute clusterfuck of a season, Rikki Lake’s Charm School is only really redeemed by the fact that it had a worthy winner. Risky was someone who had a tough upbringing. She wasn’t loud because she wanted camera time or to become a star. Her winnings allowed her to help her family and Charm School allowed her to open up about her past. It’s just sad that this had to happen on such a sloppy season.

9. Hoopz- Flavor of Love

Hoopz Flavor of Love

The original winner, it seemed like Flav initially gravitated toward other girls, but Hoopz stuck by his side. To be honest, I think she was in the game for the competition. It seemed like Flav did fall for Hoopz, but I never really saw a spark of attraction from Hoopz. Thank God he chose Hoopz over New York, because we got so much more from New York thanks to her becoming the runner up.

8. Cornfed- Real Chance of Love

Real Chance of Love Cornfed

There’s something heartwarming about Cornbread winning Real Chance of Love. She cared for Real, and liked her, and they were able to find a connection despite being polar opposites. But, they were polar opposites and that meant they didn’t stay together after the show. A predictable break up, but for a moment in time Cornfed made us feel like love could conquer all. Then we remembered we we watching VH1.

7. Myammee- I Love Money 2

Myammee I Love Money 2

It seemed like Myammee was on the chopping block throughout the bulk of the season on I Love Money 2, but it was impressive to watch a flock of rejects run this season. Though Tailor Made was the head of the alliance, Myammee was just as savvy as him and knew when to make moves and when to go with the flow. Going into this season I never anticipated Myammee would have won, and she was a true underdog winner. To add to the surprise, she actually used her money to open up a beauty salon and gain some business knowledge, which is a great use of the winnings for a girl known for her weaves.

6. Doll- Real Chance of Love 2

Doll and Real Real Chance of Love 2

Cornfed seemed like a polar opposite from Real, but Doll seemed to compliment him quite well. She was cute, a little be reserved, but had a clear connection with Real. She came across as a more drama-free girl, but someone who would fight when the time was right. Real’s parents liked her, he like her, but she had the same fate as Hot Wing.

5. Hoopz- I Love Money

Hoopz I Love Money

Where Myammee’s win was a surprise, Hoopz was a dominant player thought out the majority of I Love Money. There’s no doubt that she was a strong player, and she stayed true to her alliance all season. I Love Money usually gets recognized for Megan’s antics, which were admittedly hilarious, but Hoopz, Real, and White Boy had a strong alliance that dominated the game. No surprise Hoopz won, but still a worthy victory.

4. Deelishis- Flavor of Love 2

Deelishis Flavor of Love

If there was ever someone who could beat New York in a fight, it was Deelishis. She was a catch for Flavor Flav, and one of the realest girls to be on the show… or so we thought. She didn’t brag about her singing abilities nor did she start arguments to get on camera. Once the show ended she released a song called Rumpshaker and started a line of jeans for girls with big booties. So maybe she did get a little something from her fame, but nothing Flav couldn’t handle.

3. Ambre- Rock of Love 2

Rock of Love Ambre

While Jes was too young and Taya was too desperate, Ambre was just right. She seemed like the perfect match for Bret, able to handle the touring life but rational enough to decipher through the drama. Apparently they kept a friendships after the show, but a romantic relationship never formed. This is still a good ending for a girl who was almost eliminated after the first night.

2. Tailor Made- I Love New York 2

Tailor Made I Love New York 2

Tailor Made fought for New York. She took a beating on the daily from the other guys in the house and caused an unnecessary amount of drama just to get noticed. Did it work? Kind of. She definitely recognized him, but she almost kicked him off the show for spitting on Mr. Wise. Tailor Made won in the end, and he’s so high on the list because he actually dated New York for about a year after the show. He tried to make things work, so he gets props there.

1. Saaphyri- Flavor of Love Charm School

Saaphyri Windsor Charm School

After getting kicked off of Flavor of Love 2 on the first episode, Saaphyri quickly became a fan favorite on Charm School. She was loud, opinionated, but somehow made a whole lot of sense. Her friendship with Buckwild and Leilene resulted in an uplifting storyline throughout the season, and it allowed us to see a new side of Saaphyri. Truth is, she didn’t have a great upbringing and struggled before she got into the Flavor of Love house. Charm School told her whole story and viewers got to see her as more than just the girl who offered H-Town some “lip chap.”

For those who don’t know, Ahmed “Real” Givens passed away on Feb. 20, 2015 from colon cancer. That’s almost five years to the day of this article being posted. He was always a favorite on the show and someone who is remembered for his caring personality as much as he’s remember for his flowing locks. Sadly, he passed away from colon cancer just three months after Diem Brown. Diem passed after her ovarian cancer spread to her colon, and it’s terrible to see two stars pass away at such young ages. I know the Challenge fans who read this blog remember Diem fondly for her openness during her battles with cancer. Sadly, in Real’s case the disease came quickly and took him just as fast. Please remember these two for their strength and contribute to those battling cancer whenever you can.




  1. Dude this article is awesome. I was such a huge fan of these shows back in the day and like you there was a time where I actually did care for them more than the challenge. Thanks for the awesome throwback. Wouldn’t care to get more fun reads about this franchise 👍

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